Sunday, April 3, 2011

project 365, Week 14

We had another "quiet" week at home, just being together and doing life....just the way I like it!  

March 27
Shaun and the girls had rehearsal, so Aiden and I got to spend the afternoon and evening together.  He loves his momma, and I think he's just about perfect.  He spent nearly all of his waking hours "doing wood".

 March 28
Dinner with Cousin Johnny...getting spoiled that he lives in the same state now!  He's Aiden's BFF since he gave him a ball. :)
March 29
I walked into the girls room and thought they were playing orphanage or hospital, but apparently all the children were Avery's.
March 30
Oddly no picture, except the one I took of my moving violation ticket to do this post. :(  I suspect I may have deleted a couple by accident.

March 31
Warm enough to be outside for a bit!
 Signs of life!  Avery went around the yard and counted every flower she could find.
April 1
Opening Day for Red Sox Nation!!  The kids were possibly more excited than Shaun...I am quickly getting outnumbered in this house.

Fresh (from the store) strawberries.  With a little bit of sugar, Aiden will eat them...I think he's right about at cheek-capacity here.

April 2
Passion of the King rehearsal (Amanda's in the dress and Avery has hot pink pants on...and naturally a coordinating scarf).
And that's our week!  How was yours?


LuAnn said...

What a fun week at home. Youe girls just crack me up. I love their imagination !!!!

Linda said...

Ok Lisa....that was the cutest photo of your girls and all of their baby dolls! I love the way kids play.

Speaking of dolls...your little guy is adprable. I like the picture of him watching the game with his daddy too.

Your week sounded full of blessing and fun.

Have a good Lord's Day too.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kaleigh said...

My week was great,besides having to sit at my brothers base-ball practice! I love how Avery,Amanda,and Aiden all pllay together! Who's ur favorite base-ball team?.....GO REDSOX!!

sara said...

So do you think I could hire your girls out to dress me? seriously!

Melody said...

Yay March 28! And the other days too :)

Melody said...

PS - The March 27 pic of Aiden melts my heart!

The Bug said...

I think my favorite picture this week is Amanda with her stroller - too cute.

We hates the Red Sox in our house :) Go Braves!