Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs of Life (in TN)!

I came down to Tennessee for a photography workshop on Sunday.  The first thing I noticed from the plane was green...on the grass and the trees!  I know Spring comes every year, without fail, but I think all of us New Englanders have had moments of doubt this year.

Looking forward to this weather (minus the tornado that touched down a couple miles away) coming up to Connecticut, but for now, I just couldn't help but take pictures of all the beautiful life that is in bloom here.

Now that the workshop is over I am looking forward to flying home this afternoon and seeing my family.  My dad called me last night to tell me that he was chatting with Aiden (who's been in their care for some of my trip).  He said Aiden, are you Pop's boy?  to which Aiden replied Momma boy.  Oh, can't wait to squeeze all of them!  For now, just trying to enjoy my last little bit of quiet and freedom. :)

The flowers are springing up,the season of singing birds has come,and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.
Song of Solomon 2:12


LuAnn said...

thanks for the taste of spring ~ I just can't wait !!!!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous! Sigh. There will be flowers in my yard someday. June maybe :)

Kaleigh said...

I wish we had flowers blooming here in Franklin......I hope it warms up a bit really soon!

Shelva said...

You are amazing my dear friend! You have always had an eye for beauty and it is so fun to see you capture it and share it with the world. Much love!