Monday, September 5, 2011

Project 365, Week 36

It was an eventful week, beginning with Tropical Storm Irene.  Though we were hardly effected on Sunday, its certainly has been a theme throughout the week.  Funny how a major event like that can bring people together.

Our next door neighbors and much of our town are still without power, estimates are that it will return sometime between Monday and Wednesday.  I can't even comprehend that in the 21st century, in Connecticut, tens of thousands can go without power for more than a week.

Lobster Fest kicked off Friday night and we are right in the middle of enjoying family time, just being together and eating well.

We're also in the countdown until Avery starts school, which is sure to change our life as we've known it.  She's excited, so I am too.  She's excited, so I am too.  She's excited....just keep repeating that, Lisa.

August 28
The state was essentially shutdown and many lost power early in the morning, but we never did.  Instead I got some non-essential cleaning projects done and we watched a couple movies together.  Don't tell anyone on the Eastern seaboard, but we enjoyed the Tropical Storm.
 After it had died down we ventured out to assess the damage.  Not a whole lot at our house, but the block around us had suffered quite a bit of damage.

August 29
We were able to get some wood out of the whole thing and Aiden was happy to be helping Shaun.

 August 30
Taking a break from chopping wood.
 Did you know bread crust can also double as an airplane?
 August 31
We took advantage of our transfer station being open everyday this week for free brush dumping and cleared out some of our rain forest that doubles as our backyard.
 September 1
Orientation night at Avery's new school.  
 September 2
We all worked around the house getting ready for our company for the holiday weekend.
 We kicked off our Labor Day/Lobster Fest weekend at my sister's house.


sara said...

so glad ya'll did get any damage from Irene!!

I can NOT wait to see the pictures from the Lobster Fest!!!

Chelsea said...

I think I know Keriann! She used to do gymnastics with Sydney. She has an older sis Vanessa's age. The mom is very sweet and very involved with the school! If you see her, tell her Sydney and Vanessa's mom from gymnastics says HI!

LuAnn said...

Where are the rest of the Lobster fest pictures ??? Isn't this the tye dyed shirt event?

Glad you did not have too much damage.

Thinking of Avery as she starts 1st grade this week too.

The Bug said...

Love the picture of Aiden helping Shaun with the wood - he's just the cutest thing.

I'm not even the mom, but I got a little misty seeing Avery's name in her cubby. Can't wait to see her first week of school pictures :)