Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project 365, Week 37

I spent the morning crying on the elliptical at the gym, watching 9/11 tributes.  Hard to believe its been 10 years already.  Today and always, I'm so proud to be an American.  My heart is with all the families today as they get through this rough day.

This was a good week for us.  Honestly I thought it'd be harder than it was to send our first born off to school and adjust to a school schedule.  Obviously, we are only four days in, but I was thrilled with how well the transition has gone for all of us.  We did plenty of praying about it, so I give God the thanks.

There are an extra amount of pictures this week, in part because I have an extra day.  Our weekend very much went together, so I saved Saturday to go with this week.  We had family in for our annual Lobster Fest and we had 3+ days of pure fun!  

September 3
We spent the morning boating at the lake

From there we went to our niece's 2nd birthday party.
 Nice party attire!  :)
 Then we went to my brother's house for another party.
 The 3rd Quarter birthday people.
 September 4
 Lobster Fest!
 September 5
Most of the day was spent with our family who was still in town, golfing, swimming, etc.  In the evening, this truck came to our neighborhood, making sure we had electricity.  They were from Canada and spoke very little English, but Amanda never lets language be a barrier for making a new friend.  In three minutes, she had this particular worker completely wrapped around her finger.
 September 6
First day of school!
 Aiden was playing golf with his club, aka my soup ladle.
 Never far from Daddy if there is some work to be done.
 September 7
Sometimes it works out for me to take Amanda when I take the dog for his exercise.  She's trying out all kinds of tricks on her bike, like standing while pedaling and holding on with one hand.
 September 8
I've been oblivious my whole life, up until this week.  September 8 is Mary's birthday and cause for celebration in the catholic church.  Amanda and I joined the Mass with Avery's school.
 Who knew cottage cheese could be so much fun?!
September 9
It was such a beautiful day, we took school outside.  Aiden's been showing interest in participating with us.  That's our neighbor in the background, working on his already-meticulous yard....and then there's us.

Maybe Aiden's favorite "outfit" right now.  His "ment mitter" shirt and his "basa-ball" shorts.  I thought with a boy I'd be able to choose clothes til he was 18 but Aiden has VERY specific ideas of what he wants to wear everyday, and it always involves basa-ball shorts.
 We did a photo shoot for Alayna's second birthday.
September 10
We did craft and story time at the library,
 then we went to a bike safety event where they were giving out free helmets and other goodies.
 Aiden thought he was pretty hot stuff with his.  He wore it around the house and also to church.
 Amanda had this guy's ear for a while and at one point they were doing the obstacle course together.
 After church we went to a bonfire at Uncle Nathan's house.  Good times!


sara said...

I love that Aiden is still wearing his helmet at the bonfire!!!

Love the expression on his face as he is "golfing" with the laddle and daddy's shoes!!

The Bug said...

That Aiden is just too cute. He is COVERED in cottage cheese LOL. I'm so glad that school went well.