Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 365, Week 39

I got home from a 14-hour wedding day just after midnight last night and I am headed out at 8 am to photograph two services worth of baby dedications and then infant twins.  My first time doing twins so I'm excited.  I'm going to need to up my exercise routine if I'm going to keep up this pace.

Have a tremendously blessed week!

September 18
My cousin Johnny is on the far left, trying to go after my QB husband on the far right.
 Playin' with the big boys.  :)
 Avery snapped a pictures of us.
 September 19
After a hard weekend of playing, I went in Monday morning to wake Avery up for school.  I found not one but two sleeping little girls in her bed.
 Big boxes are big fun.
 September 20
After a day's worth of activities and school and work, we set out on the road at 7:30 pm to go to....

 September 21
Maine!  Lots of pictures to come but this was our view for the day.
September 22
Shaun spent lots and lots of time patiently teaching the kids about fishing.  His patience well never goes dry...amazing.
 September 23
After Amanda had had her afternoon rest she came down and was immediately cranky.  I told her to lay down for a few minutes to regroup and all was quiet in about 2.5 minutes.
We went to show Great-Grandpa pictures from our trip.
 My sister and Shaun's brother both got a puppy today (crazy people!! :).  If you can believe it, they were from the same breeder, same litter...all without any discussion.  We got to see both of the little fluff balls briefly.

September 24
Shaun took the kids to his other grandfather's house where they did a group birthday party for all the great grandkids.  While he was there, I was second shooting a wedding, which I have hundreds of pictures of, just not in my possession yet.

We did formals on the water and the sunset was completely awe-inspiring.


sara said...

Lisa! that picture on the water in Maine is AMAZING!!! I just wanted to sit and look at it for a few!

Sounds like a great week! and it sounds like your business is really picking up! photographing twins should be a old are they? ha!

Amy said...

The Maine picture of the Pond looks fake! SImply amazing. Micah and Sienna's pup is sweet. They look like brother and sister! What's her name?

LuAnn said...

love, love, love the picure of the water in Maine !!! Great job.

The pup is a cutie.

Did you wear your running shoes today - yikes - but good for you and your business.

Enjoy the week !!

The Bug said...

I have a friend with 4 year old twins - they're a mess. Can't wait to see how the photo shoot goes.

I'm impressed with Shaun's patience - especially since I don't have much meself!