Monday, December 12, 2011

Amanda Turns Five

Well, our little Amanda-Girl is five years-old.  She was such an easy labor, easy delivery and when the doctor put her on me, we just stared at each other for close to an hour.  Her daddy held her, too and we were immediately, madly in love. Its been a ride ever since and we are so completely blessed and honored to have her in our lives.

This year her birthday celebrations spanned over two weeks.  Her first one was at my family's Thanksgiving celebration, when we recognized the Q4 birthdays.

Then on Thanksgiving Day, while we had Shaun's family assembled, we celebrated again.  I kept asking her what she wanted her cake to be and she really, really wanted to decorate it herself, so...I let her.

 Watching her birthday slideshow...

 On Sunday, her actual birthday, we went for an early morning bike ride/walk,
 then breakfast out.  She and her daddy had play practice for a good part of the day while the rest of us went to her cousin's 13th birthday.

 Finally, last Sunday, she got to do what she's been asking about for a while now...horseback riding!  She wasn't on the horse two minutes before she was asking about doing jumps.  She and her horse got to step over the obstacles and she also did a little trot.

We didn't make it to Chuck E.'s, which was one of the consistent things she was asking about, but I think she had a pretty good birthday.  We look forward to five-year-old-Amanda and watching her grow into the woman God is making her to be.

Here are the answers to her birthday questions:

Tell me what you think of when I say these words:

Home I am worried.  I am happy that we have a home.  Hesitated. 
Me: what does hesitated mean?
Amanda:  It means I don't care…in Spanish

Brother/Sister I think that my brother is coming.  I think of my sister.I think that she is pretty.
Favorite Color All my sister's favorite colors.  
Love I love you.
Bedtime Its a bed time.  Or it could be nap time.
School School time.
What’s the last thing you were sad about?
I didn't get any candies.
What makes you really happy? 
Foofy.  That means Momma.

Are you scared of anything?
In the night, in the closet.
What do you think you’d like to be when you grow up?
A Barbie.  I wanna be a doctor or, let me see, a doctor for animals.
Who’s the last person you kissed?

At what age is a person officially grown-up?
Do NOT know what that means. 50! or 12.
What does mom or dad do at work all day?
You work on your computer and Dad works err Center St doing the garbage.  Yuck!
If you could always get everything that you want, do you think you’d always be happy?

What do you think heaven is like?
Just like clouds.


LuAnn said...

Happy Birthday Amanda !!!!

sara said...

I just love this tradition you have with the questions!!! This will be such a treasure for all of you!

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

Meg A. said...

Love her! Really love the first shot, where she's on Pop's lap. So sweet!

Sweet Annabelle said...

What a beautiful family you have! I've enjoyed peeking through your blog - beautiful photos, too!

Kaleigh said...

Happy Birthday sweet Amanda!

Kaleigh said...

Wooohoo! Ride em cowgirl...good job riding the horse amanda:)