Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Time Flies!

Every year I try to act a little more "adult-ish" and try to contain my excitement, but inevitably my inner five-year-old is exposed.  ITS CHRISTMAS!!

Eighteen years ago, when I was eighteen, with the Christmas lights outlining the deserted gazebo and the snow lightly falling and the nearby church bells ringing, I said YES! to Shaun's question Will you marry me?  

He still asks me often and my answer is always the same.  Its been an indescribable time since.  Thanks for not bailing that night, Shaun.  I love you.


LuAnn said...

25 years ago I said yes to Joel on Christmas night too -

Darla said...

How neat! you and LuAnn both!
Merry Christmas Lisa and family. I wanted to send you a card this year but I didnt have your address anymore. Please know that I was thinking of you all and I still have the beautiful card you sent last year. It's been a blessing to watch your family through your blog. You truly are blessed! :)