Monday, December 5, 2011

Dad's 60th Party

We had the honor of celebrating my dad's 60th birthday.  Kiki spent a year planning and thinking about the big party and she did a fabulous job.  Every detail was thought through and custom-made to Dad.

We all waited in quiet anticipation and finally...he arrived...and was clearly surprised!

I know what an incredible man my dad is, but it was so humbling to see a large room full of people who also think the world of him.  As I looked from person to person it really struck me how he has personally touched each family.  He's been right by their side during their deepest pain, their greatest need.

If I hadn't grown up in his home, I couldn't have known the depth of his love and care for people.  All kinds of people, but especially those who cannot offer him anything in return, those who go unnoticed by most.  Undoubtedly, he has chests full of treasure up in heaven.

It was so cool to see all the people who came out.  Former elders and VIPs of The Gathering...families that were a part of our lives for what felt like so long but really, looking back, it was for a very short, albeit very influential time in my life.

I've seen my dad in this pose countless times throughout my life.  Head humbly bowed, seeking the face of his God with love and fear and complete trust.

This is  another way I've seen my dad all my life...guitar strapped over his neck, singing praises to God.  I can't really put into words how much I love him and how very thankful I am for the godly legacy he has given me and now my children.

What a privilege to have been able to have an evening of celebration in honor of him.

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