Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project 365, Week 49

As expected, this week was full, including but limited to, three birthday parties, two photoshoots, one wedding, a couple training sessions, house guests, Shaun starting back at H & R Block, play rehearsals, Nutcracker rehearsals, school, work.....laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping....yeah, that all got squeezed in too.

I felt like I was doing everything half way and not well.  Thankful that God's mercies are new every morning!

November 27
Shaun's grandparents were still visiting and it was Amanda's birthday.  We all went out to breakfast to celebrate.  Then Shaun and Amanda went to play practice and the rest of us went down to Shaun's sister's house to celebrate our nephew's 13th birthday.  There was a girl two months younger than Avery and they became fast friends.
 CanNOT believe someone in the next generation is a teenager.
 November 28
Shaun's first day back at Block.  Our houseguests left late afternoon.  That morning I had called my sister with an SOS asking if she could watch the kids for a couple hours so Shaun and I could go on a date.  I was mad at him and I knew the underlying reason was because we hadn't spent any time together in too long.

We used a gift certificate and had a wonderful, life-breathing time together.  We haven't laughed that much in a long time.  Thanks, Amy!
 November 29
My driver's license has been missing since I got back from CA and I finally admitted I needed to break down and get a replacement.  The DMV was as bad as I had expected it would be, with the added bonus of Amanda crying for the duration.

Once we (finally) wound our way to the counter, the woman took pity on them and gave them lollipops.  They enjoyed eating them while we waited for my license to be printed.
 My mom had the kids while I was out.  Four o'clock and warm!!
 November 30
This is your life when you have two big sisters.
 It hasn't happened very often, but I had to bring Avery to school and pick her up without Shaun at home, which is fine except I woke Aiden up at 8:15 in the morning and I also woke him up from his afternoon nap.  We live in what's called the "hill section" and I certainly feel it pushing the double stroller....with a five year-old in it!  :)
 December 1
Mom to the rescue again with the babysitting while I had training and another photoshoot.  Aiden gave us several tap routines this week.  He's got his "basaballs" on and no shirt because it got a drop of water on it.
 December 2
My Dad's 60th birthday.  We got him a device that scans slides, film negatives and prints and puts them on a SD card.  We went through a tray of old slides from the 1980s and walked down memory lane.  We laughed and told old stories, some were heard for the first time.
 It was a quiet evening, just the five of us, my dad and his four kids, which we figured hasn't happened in close to twenty years...for shame!

People don't believe me when I tell them I have a tall family.  This is proof.  :)
 December 3
I got the kids packed, dressed and ready for their day, then Shaun took them to play practice and got Avery to Nutcracker rehearsal.  I went to photograph a wedding then we all met up at my dad's surprise party.  The wedding was beautiful and the evening was filled with smiles and hugs from friends of long ago.  Good stuff!
We got home at 10:30 and after putting the kids to bed Shaun and I talked about our day for a few minutes then I got to work backing up the wedding photos.  I got to sleep after midnight and was awakened sometime in the night by the smoke alarm.

I woke Shaun up to investigate.  Our woodstove has been having problems....he thought he'd fixed it, but apparently it needs a bit more work.  The house was filled with smoke, and I immediately wondered how I would get all my pictures safely out.  I came to the conclusion that I need a better system than I have.  Project for January!

Hope you have a great week!  I know ours will be full of good stuff again and I'm going to ask and give thanks for God's mercies every hour of it!

Be blessed!

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The Bug said...

Oh that Aiden with his drop of water :) Are those tap shoes on the wrong feet?

Yikes to the possibility of fire! I really should make some sort of plan too. Just grabbing my computer should help a lot - but I do have a wedding album that I would be very sad without!