Monday, December 19, 2011

Project 365, Week 51

This week?  A bluuuur.  I'm not even sure I could piece it all back together if I wanted to.  It included two performances of The Nutcracker, three dress rehearsals, one school concert, four performances of the production at church and Christmas with Shaun's family.  We also had dr appointments, sick people and work.  I was up before 4 AM several mornings editing photos, making albums, filling print orders.

Last night we got in after 10...I threw some cereal at the girls for dinner, Aiden only wanted milk.  I got them off to bed and then Shaun called as he was leaving the church to make sure I had all three kids...that's how we rolled this week.  :)

It was a great week, just full....our own doing.  I am looking forward to this week when we take things down a notch and gear up for Christmas!!

December 11
Nutcracker #!...My little Gingerbread girl.  

December 12
Aiden got to go to my dad's church to watch this movie on the big screen.  He thought he was big stuff!

December 13
I have a picture somewhere...of Aiden and Amanda heading outside to play after having dressed themselves.

December 14
There was a surprise for me when I took Aiden's shirt off.

 "Aiden, show me your muscles."

December 15
Avery's school concert (bottom right)

December 16

I was helping video-tape the shows...this was one of the only stills I got.
 December 17
After leaving our house in a flurry, we made a couple stops before going to Shaun's sister's house for Christmas.  While Shaun was doing "sound stuff" at the church, I took a coupe pictures of the kids.
 After having a sleepover at Pop and Kiki's, Aiden was a little tired.  :)  But so handsome!
 We had a lovely afternoon and night at Sarah and Tony's house celebrating Christmas.  This is one of the hilarious outtakes of the cousin picture (this time Aiden was waking up)

Happy Week Before Christmas to you!!


Penny said...

Precious kiddos!! Love the "tattoo" on his arm!! So sweet!

The Bug said...

Wow what a BUSY week! I love that Shawn had to call to make sure you had all the kids :)

I love that last picture - it looks like Avery is saying, "what are ya gonna do?"

Amy said...

We had a similar week! I loved Aiden's surprise tatoo. And Avery was precious in the Nutcracker.