Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Walk ~ Princesses

The other day Amanda was watching a Princess Sing-a-Long video.  I went and sat with her for a few minutes as it was ending.

She turned to face me, took my hand and said, Mom...I want you to tell me...are Princesses real?  I took a deep breath to double-check with myself the answer I wanted to give and perhaps hold back the tears I could feel coming up in the corners of my eyes.  My answer of What do you think?  had not been sufficient and she continued to look deep into my eyes.

No Amanda, Princesses are not real.  (And I'm so sad to be departing this stage with you.  A time of believing that in all the world there is always a happy ending, that dreams do come true, that true love conquers all.)

Those things can still be found, but not in the Princesses you have so adored these five years.  There will be a happy ending when we get to heaven, where there will be no pain or more struggles.  Dreams do come true...God always keeps His promises.  And the True Love that Jesus wants to give you really does conquer all.

You will always be our little princess, Sweet Amanda.  Thank you for this enchanted time we've gotten to share with you.

All glorious is the princess within her chamber; 
   her gown is interwoven with gold.

Psalm 45:13


Penny said...

Beautiful! And what great pictures!!

Melody said...

Wait, what? Princesses aren't real? ;)

She is definitely a beautiful princess! Love her.