Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project 365, Week 1

Happy New Year!  Was that just this week??  I love the feeling of fresh starts.  A new year, a new calendar that doesn't yet have every single day spoken for.  God's promise of new mercies seems super-sized when we get to a new year.  I'm planning on making the most of it!

Shaun and I still have lingering sickness, which is getting old but we're learning how to take drugs plow through.  The house got de-Christmased, which is always a sweet relief to me....LOVE putting it up, LOVE taking it down, or at least having it down.  :)

We began the week with the "excitement" of our first good snow and end the week with the excitement of Shaun's mom's wedding.

December 30
We woke up to quite a bit of snow, so Shaun headed out with his plow and an enthusiastic Avery and Z (they weren't quite so enthusiastic when they came back...turns out its not as glamorous as it sounds :).

When Amanda and Aiden woke up at 11 AM they were sad to discover they didn't get to go plowing.  But just in time, Uncle Nathan showed up, ready for sledding.  The kids quickly dressed and they were off!

 When they came back, they filled a bowl with snow and topped it with syrup.

 We sent the girls with Uncle Nathan and Auntie and the boys with Pop and Kiki and Shaun and I headed out to dinner and a movie.  We both loved Les Miserables!
December 31
I spent the day photographing the wedding of a long-time family friend...I've known the groom for 25ish years and our lives have weaved in and out together in interesting ways over those years.  He has a huge heart and hope he will be very happy.

It was a first time experience for me to ring in the New Year at a big party.  Kind of fun, except I didn't have anyone to kiss.
January 1
Our traditional day at Shaun's grandparents house.  The kids get their Christmas presents and get family time.  Aiden in particular was so good about sitting and talking with his great-grandpa.

January 2
The kids went back to school, so it was just me and Aiden.  Love this little guy.
 We went to visit Daddy at H&R Block, his home-away-from-home for the next 3.5 months.  Nathan spent the off season doing office renovations, so Shaun has a nice new space.
January 3
Some ladies (and Isaiah) went out to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my mother-in-law.
January 4
Wedding rehearsal...
This girl?  My sister-in-law Sarah masterminded the entire event as the acting wedding planner.  She had less than 3 months to put the whole thing together.  Her attention to detail, exquisite taste, time and love all paid off.  She kept things very organized and had patience working with all involved.  I admire her and the remarkable job she did.  Just wow!

January 5
SO many wedding photos but this is among my favorites because it has all my people in it.  I've known Shaun's family nearly 30 years, so I've literally grown up with them.  Very special people to me!

Included here are Shaun's mom and her new husband, her dad, her three sons, her daughter and their four spouses, and her seven grandkids. 
We all had a great time dancing at the reception!  When it was over we headed to Z's game.  The girls were embarrassed to go in their fancy dresses, but I assured them people wouldn't pay too much attention.
After the game, we went home to change and went out to dinner and spent some time recapping the day.  And THEN, we came home and CRASHED!

We have married off the last of our parents, happy that they all have someone in this later part of their lives.  As a bonus, our kids have LOTS of grandparents who adore and love them.  What a blessing!


The Bug said...

Oh that Aiden in his little suit - so cute! And his tool belt :)

I love all the purple in the family photo - I'll bet it was a lovely wedding.

You know, I'm married to one of those guys who seems to have all these disparate skills (history professor who can fix my 17 year old washing machine & cook my dinner). It's kind of nice isn't it?

Momagoose said...

What a handsome handyman! :)