Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365, Week 3

We have certainly hit the ground running in this new year.  Some big decisions to be eclectic mixture of scary and exciting.  We're leaning into God more than ever for wisdom, guidance and favor.

In between our leisurely dreaming, planning, hashing out sessions (ha!), we're doing this life thing, pictured in part below.

Daily blessings to overflowing, when we want to see them.

January 13
One of my favorite pics from the baby dedication I photographed at church.
January 14
Monday was an intense day for me, as I spent three hours in the lobby of the courthouse.  It was an important day in the grand scheme of things and was something I (as usual) had no control over.  Good thing I know the One who is running the show.

It was a minor feat getting to the basketball game, but once there it was fun to watch Shaun do his thing...which is exactly this...

 Then we walked down the stairs to swim lessons.
January 15
Shaun had the morning off, so we went to drop the car off...our second vehicle to get a new set of tires this year
 I snuck out to run a few errands and when I came home Shaun was in the shower and I couldn't find Aiden....that is, until I went up to his room.

Sweet little guy had tucked himself in for a nap.  Too bad he doesn't know how to put his diaper on.  Oh well, good day for clean sheets.
 We went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday with just the two little guys.  Amanda couldn't understand how I could have a birthday without cake and candles.

She went on a hilarious rant about it, this video is me asking her to say it again.  (Don't mind the candy she popped in her mouth right before I hit record.)

 My sister had a couple extra tickets to the Hope & Healing Concert for Newtown, CT, so she brought Avery and Z, who are both big Toby Mac fans.  I got to watch the Live Stream on my iPad while I edited wedding photos on my iMac and for a while Aiden sat beside me playing on my iPhone.  Ha!

It was an incredible night and I'm so thankful the kids got to have that experience!
 January 16
Snow day!
 January 17
Mom, I have Aiden's shorts on.
January 18
Aiden went with Pop and Kiki to the assisted living center where they do a service once a month.  Kiki  said the ladies were in LOVE as Aiden and Pop sang a couple songs they'd practiced.

Aiden hands out song books and shakes their hands while saying God bless you.  Its an amazing thing to see God using him at just three.
 Daddy had another basketball game, which mostly means playtime with cousins.  :)

 Isaiah will out weigh Avery before too long.  :)  Oh, how she loves her babies!
 January 19
The girls had their game in the morning, then we headed to Z's.  They only had five guys, so the team had to play tough.
 My little super hero did a great job muscling through no nap.
That's our week....hope you have a great one!


Meg A. said...

The photo of Aiden with Pop?? Oh my goodness, melt my heart!!!

Amy Joy said...

Aiden and his guitar with Pop! Oh my heart!!

momma frans said...

I agree with the two ladies above...aiden and his pop playing their guitars is such a cute picture. What a blessing for those folks!
I like the picture of Avery holding the baby, too.
Have a great week!!

The Bug said...

I love how Amanda tied birthdays in with Jesus dying on the cross - she has her priorities in order :)

And that pic of Avery wearing Aiden's shorts cracks me up.

But Aiden with the guitar just melts my heart - so sweet!

K.Groves said...

I love Avery's expressions! Seeing her with the "baby" is precious!!! Such a good little mom.

Ashley Beth said...

That snippet of Amanda ranting about birthdays is wonderful! My kids were mesmerized watching it with me!

Momagoose said...

little minister precious!!!