Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365, Week 2

We are well into January now, which has been made even better by higher than average temps.  

Shaun has donned his tax preparer hat once again so I've been transitioning back into the single mom role.  I was more scared about it this year than I have been in years past, but I think its because I was so sick and couldn't imagine taking on any extra.  Maybe because we've added another kid, too.

At any rate, this week I started breathing through my nose again and coughing less, so my view has changed.  Bring it on!  Ha!

Here's our wonderfully ordinary week....

January 6
We're a little late to the gingerbread party, but I wasn't about to throw an unopened box away (and miss the tradition!)
They used the frosting and candy very sparingly...I suspect its because they wanted the rest to be used strictly for eating.  :)
January 7
Its always a good idea to have a mighty warrior with you when you are picking up little school girls.
 This is our Manda-girl...
 January 8
We got some new hand-me-downs (yay!!) so Aiden wanted to wear the "Big Bro" shirt (no hidden message there) and his froggy boots, which he has yet to take off.  Actually, it was good timing because we've had major snow meltage this week (again...yay!).
 The pack-n-play has been set up in Aiden's room since Christmas and the kids have found it to be a fun play space.  When these two aren't fighting, they are really good buds.
 January 9
All day I kept looking at Aiden thinking anytime he'd be heading out to go fishing.
January 10
We enjoyed the early school dismissal and spent extra time outside.
 January 11
Playing house.
Shaun took me out for my birthday, which is in a couple days.  Twenty-two years ago he took me out for my 16th birthday, marking our first official date.  God has been especially good to me to give me this man and all these years.
January 12
We have FOUR different basketball teams going on right now in this family.  For the most part, its a manageable schedule, and a good way to pass the winter.

Hope you have a great week!


sara said...

Oh the picture of your warrior!!!

So glad you are feeling better!!

The Bug said...

I am extremely jealous of Aiden's boots - I think I might need some for my own self :)

Glad you're feeling better - and happy birthday!