Monday, January 28, 2013

The Latest Quotables

I'm not the best at documenting things the kids say, but sometimes I remember.  And sometimes I even post them!   Since reading through a blog book with the girls, I have a renewed resolve to try to write their funny sayings down.

The first four are from some time ago, last spring I'm guessing since it was Amanda and Aiden hanging out.

Aiden yelled up the stairs, Girls, build each other up!  Then he heard more arguing and said, My girls are not listening to me!  So he took a couple steps closer to the stairs and said, Girls, build each other up!

Amanda showed me a picture she had worked very hard to color.  As I praised her, she got an "awe-sucks" face on and said, Yeah, I AM created!

Amanda and Aiden were sharing an all too uncommon time of sweetness together.  The three of us were laying in Aiden's bed, she was singing to him as he requested songs.  Jesus Loves Me, He's Got the Whole World, etc.  At some point he wanted I'm in the Lord's Army.  Apparently Amanda hadn't brushed up on that one in a while and kind of fumbled with the words.  When she was done, Aiden exclaimed, Amanda, you didn't say "infantry!".

Amanda at the breakfast table, just the two of them.  Daddy had just reprimanded Aiden.  Aiden, sometimes I get mad too but soon you are going to have your own kids and you'll be able to tell them what to do...when to go to bed, what they can eat.  The bible tells Mommy and Daddy that they have to tell us what to do.  It says "store up your treasures in heaven"

Amanda: I was just up on the third floor trying to find a tank top to wear and I saw a picture of you and Daddy.  Your nails were painted and, and....Daddy was probly richer then.  I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it.  I'm so ashamed that its up there and not down here where everyone can see it. it sits in a prominent place downstairs.  :)

Walking into the mall....There are a LOT of tores in the mall.  Mom, what does "mall" mean?  I'm not really sure...what do you think?  I think it means alot of people need help.  Let's see if there is anyone in there collecting money for the poor (Salvation Army bell ringers).

First time of the season with the new mittens.  After many, many attempts to get his thumb in the thumb slot, we were both getting a little frustrated.  He looked at me, a bit exasperated and said, Mommy, you're not doing your best!  Meanwhile, I was starting to work up a sweat!

Dee udder day I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Come Inside Its Fun Inside and, and, and, and...Minnie was bringing Goofy some soup because he had a cold.

Oh yeah?  That was nice of her.

Yup.  That's what she did.  And she brought Pete some, too.

Aiden and I do a LOT of chatting in the car...

Imagine if dare was ice and da car went on it and pinned around.

Oh, that wouldn't be fun!

(absolutely incredulous) Why wouldn't dat be fun??

Well, if the car slipped, it could be dangerous.

No, Mom....I think that would be fun!

Mom...please can I have some strawberries?  Please?  Please on Earf and mercy mild?


The Bug said...

How can you resist that face? Please on Earf and mercy mild indeed! :)

Melody said...

Too cute!

Michele said...

As always I love reading your blog. I find it so encouraging and love to see all the pictures! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! It is awesome to see God working in all of your lives!


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