Thursday, January 10, 2013


This is my totally biased, unofficial coverage of Shaun's mom's wedding over the'll notice nearly all of the pictures are of my kids.  My kids and my amazing husband.

I was the photographer for the day, so I left before anyone was awake.  Shaun got the kids up, showered, fed and in the car.  Once at the church, my sister was there to help get the girls hair and makeup done.

They looked and felt like princesses all day...Amy did great!  I even had someone ask me if they'd gotten their hair professionally done.

 The kids were given the job of Program Passer-outers, and a fine job they did.

In addition to keeping track of our own four children, Shaun was also here, there and everywhere putting out fires and cajoling ring bearers and flower girls.

He is some kind of amazing!  And, he looks fine in a suit.
 It was good to see Shaun's grandfather up and spiffy for the day.

 I caught Uncle Tony absently loving on Amanda.

All the cousins...Shaun was behind me being silly.  I think he was pretending to tickle me....good thing he didn't, I might have instinctively done a spinning back kick.  Um...just kidding.  Maybe.

 Little 6-week old Isaiah sporting his suit.

January family photo.

Mom, see my silly face??
Lots of fun dancing, thanks to DJs Nathan and Jared keeping the party going.
 The chicken dance was popular.  :)

 I had a couple men who were happy to dance with me, so I took advantage.

 Me and my SILs, who I also count as friends.  What a blessing!

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Momagoose said...

Looks like you had a beautiful time!! :)