Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365, Week 4

This was our first week of really getting back into tax season and I felt it.  The first little bit is always hard and then I eventually hit a groove.

See, our lives are built on the premise that there are two parents with flexible schedules working side by side to make it all happen.  When one of the parents is removed, we feel it!

It makes me that much more thankful for how good we have it the rest of the year!

Very much looking forward to the big warm up we have coming up this week!!

January 20
This?  Just my kids running around outside with lollipops in their mouths. that dangerous?  :)

After dinner, the kids were whispering amongst each other and then told me to leave the kitchen and not come back until they came to get me.  It must have been an hour or so that I could hear them working.

Finally they said, Mom, you can come in!
The kitchen was spotless.  Even the pans were (hand) washed, dried and put away!

I was SO blessed, especially because Z was the ring leader of it all.  Do you think a 20x30 canvas will be large enough to print out their message?

 January 21
We enjoyed our day off of school, mostly playing, with bickering sprinkled on top.
Aiden and Great-Grandpa playing tug-of-war.
 January 22
Mom, take a picture!
 January 23
This should have been my first clue that something was wrong, but I thought she was just resting and getting warm.
 Avery has math speed drills each night for addition and substraction problems.  There are 100 on each page and she has to work on getting her time down.

She is so focused and so fast.  I find it interesting that she doesn't go in order...her method seems very random to me, but I'm not about to race her!  :)

 January 24
I didn't get a picture.  It was just the usual....pick sick kid up at noon with 102.5 temp, get sick kid and 3 year-old tucked in bed for naps, go pick up older kids at two different schools early while Shaun was home for a break so they can do homework and so I don't have to wake the sleeping kids up because we have to go....

Sit in therapy waiting room with three kids, go "into the office" for my annual review (I still have a job! :), take Z to basketball practice, stop at H&R Block to see Daddy which didn't work because he was with a client, but we still got lollipops, get kids home, serve warm crockpot dinner (THIS recipe is definitely worth trying), and whisk them off to bed.  Stop briefly to wonder how that all actually worked out.  Shaun and Z came home a little after 9 and after a quick catch up, I went to bed.

January 25
Another day of the timing working out just right...I'll spare you another play-by-play.

Here's my (now TWO) sick kids, hanging out together.  They were so sweet standing side by side, I said, Wait there...let me get a picture!
 Aiden, let's make a heart with our fingers.

 Ok, now lets do a silly pose.
Then Aiden puts his hand in his armpit and starts flapping.  I'd never seen him do that and it was hysterical and mortifying.  Wonder which big brother he learned that from!
 January 26
Another full day.  My fever kids made a bed of coats on the bleachers and rested while we cheered Z on.  At one point Aiden got hot so we took his sweatshirt off.
 It was an exciting game...Z scored the tying basket with five seconds left to take them into overtime (which, quite honestly I had mixed feelings about).

From there, we went right to church, which I would have skipped because of the sick-kid thing, but I had committed to taking pictures of the baptism service and I'd scheduled a meeting with potential wedding clients after.

I kept Aiden and Amanda in the service with me.  99% of the time Aiden is in the sanctuary its for one of the plays...rehearsals or performances.

So, when the curtain closed on the band and the pastor got up to preach, Aiden whispered to me, When is the shooting part?  (there is a shooting scene in Lost in Vegas that he's very scared of and I always take him out for).  There's no shooting scene, Aiden...this is church.  Well then, why is Blaze Wilde here??  ("Blaze" is the "bad guy" in Lost in Vegas and had just MC'd the baptism service).

Then, a Spanish lady got up to give her brief testimony.  She was talking about her thoughts when she was diagnosed with cancer and it was translated, The devil said, I am going to KILL you.  

Again, Aiden, on my lap, whipped around a little more frantic this time, Mom, when is the SHOOTING part??

We were sitting with the writer and director of all these shows and we both got a good laugh out of it.  Clearly, we need to get our kids into the church service once in a while!

I hope your week is filled with blessings and production!


Amy said...

#1 I am almost peeing my pants over Aiden's attendance in service. Hi. Lar. I. Ous!!!! Too weird that it was the night Dave did baptisms. Too weird you were sitting with Brent.
#2 The series of Amanda and Aiden does NOT back up your story of them being sick.
#3 Proverbs 31 on your fridge---you are amazing!!!

LuAnn said...

hope those two peanuts are feeling better!!!

sara said...

oh boys and their armpits!!! I am the proud mother of a boy that could not only make farting noises with his armpits but with the backs of his knees too! :/ the joys of boys!!!!! :)

The Bug said...

What a great thing the kids did cleaning up the kitchen! And I'm glad your crazy schedule has worked out so far. Love Aiden & Amanda hamming it up - and Aiden in church. So cute :)