Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project 365, Week 5

This was a big week for us!  One of the "bigs" we've been praying about got resolved.  In summary, we have a contract on a new house!  Its just two streets over from where we are now, but it will be an upgrade in quality of life.  Now that there is actually news to share on it, I can't wait to do so.  Maybe this week!

Along with some difficulties, I also had some "wins" with Z.  He had his annual checkup (at his dr who's conveniently located an hour away) and had lost 6 pounds since a year ago.  The doctor expressed some concern, but I assured her its because of a lifestyle change...his "diet" has been altered with large quantities of sugar being cut out and he's now active in three sports year round.  Oh, and I have no tolerance for video games.  He's all lean muscle now.  :)

Also, we got cleared to end weekly therapy sessions, something I've been fighting for a while through social worker changes.  What a relief!

We said goodbye to a full January...its always a sigh of relief to have made it through another one, here in the arctic.  :)

January 27
Lots of Sorry played.  We are finally at the point that its enjoyable to play with everyone except Aiden...never thought we'd get here!  :)

January 28
I walked out of the gym and audibly gasped.  First, because the sunrise was incredible and second because the sun was up...I'm not usually there that late.  Gorgeous!
Love reading with my guy.  We both love Dr. favorite might be ABC.

January 29
Pajama day at school, celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  They were still required to wear sneakers and Avery couldn't bear the thought of wearing sneakers with her pjs so she found something that worked and "looked good together".

Baby Brother...why are YOU awake??

When I picked the girls up from voice they announced they are going to start learning harmony next week....we started practicing in the car.
 We went to Grandma's to drop off wedding photos and eat pizza.  We tried to watch their wedding video, but it wasn't working right.  Love how the kids are snuggled in together.

 January 30
I came downstairs to find these two had innitiated our morning devotions on their own.  Gotta love it!
 Parents were invited to do lunch with their child, so Aiden and I packed up and headed to school.  He was pretty darn proud of his Cars lunchbox.

January 31
Crazy sock day.  Avery was having none of it, but Amanda rose to the challenge.  Thanks for the socks, Nana!
Before we could get out of the driveway we had to do some tree removal from a crazy wind storm the night before.

Beautiful sky!  After a therapy appointment we stopped to get food and celebrate the fact that Z has been released from therapy!!  This was huge!

February 1
Daddy had an unusual 45-minute break, so he went to one of our apartment buildings that needed something.  While he was "in the neighborhood", he stopped by.

Our only TV has been broken for several weeks and the replacement part finally arrived, so the boys got to work.  Not even a little happy to see that dumb thing back in action.  Well...except last night Shaun and I did watch a movie...that was nice.  :)
 Aiden was loving his baby most of the day.  SO sweet!
 Daddy's late game was rough and intense but they won!

 February 2
Basketball game #2
While the boys and I were there, the girls were with Pop and Kiki running an indoor tag sale.  It was a project for the adult Sunday school at his church.  Individuals ran their own table of donated goods and the proceeds were pooled to be given to the poor...a local energy assistance program.

The girls were ecstatic to be able to help.  Amanda thought they should also provide baked goods so the night before they made cookies with Kiki and they all sold!

Avery got to run the cash box and I got rid of a good pile of third-floor "extras".  (thanks for the pic, FB).

After we'd retrieved the girls, it was on to basketball game #3.
 Each week Aiden purposely makes a new friend on the sidelines.  This week he came over and told me he had a new friend.  Then a little later he came over and declared, I'm doing the Lord's work!

I was thinking his shirt off request last week was because of his fever, but I'm starting to think it might be that he just wants to show off his big muscles.
 Basketball game #4
 Since it was a Saturday and they were evening games, we got to have Daddy there for part.  He's so good about jumping right in to what's newspaper reading in the recliner for him.  :)
That's it from here...pretty sneaky how I combined a whole bunch of posts into one, huh?  Long live P365!  :)


LuAnn said...

how exciting about the house. Can't wait to hear about it :) Happy about Z's progress too. God is good !!!

The Bug said...

That's great about the house! And Z's news too - I know you're both relieved.

LOVE that evangelist Aiden - he's just a mess.

I'll be doing the same trick as you during Lent since the only thing I'm posting is my P365 :)