Wednesday, February 27, 2013

School Vacation Week

Just some photos from our week off of school last week with some recent quotes mixed in.  Sure do LOVE having this crew home!!

Amanda: Mom, what kinds of snacks will you pack me when I'm in college?
Avery: Amanda!  You don't get snacks at college...only at certain ones.
 Aiden:  Mommy, this road is bumpy!  They need to put more asphalt down!

 We drove by two police cars that had parked in another car.  They had a guy handcuffed laying against the hood and the other officer was searching the trunk.  Aiden said, He must not weared his seatbelt.
 Aiden: Surprise!  Mommy, I prized you!

 Amanda: Aiden, you're so cute.  You're as cute as the top of my lungs!
Amanda found an old "to go" communion kit.  She asked if she could eat the wafer so I let her.  Later, she told the others, I was communicating today!

I was walking out of Aiden's room after I'd tucked him in and prayed with him.  He said, Mommy, I'm not done with Jesus yet.  Okay talk to Him as long as you want.


Melody said...

I want to join the afternoon tea party :)

LuAnn said...

Love the reat party with the china!!!!

You must be heading south to the relatives - lucky :)

I wish I was blogging when my kids were little - the quotes are too cute!!

Amy said...

Ohhhh....too funny! You'll be sooooooo thankful for the quotes through the years.