Friday, September 6, 2013

Career Aspirations

This week on the way to Home Depot with us three girls:

Mom, I want a German Shepard.
Hmmm...well, we already have a big dog.  Where did you learn about German Shepards?
Grammy says some of them are mean.  I want to be a policeman.
Oh!  Well....then you could be part of the K-9 Unit.  And actually, I think you would be REALLY good at that!
What's the K-9 Unit?
(I go on to explain).
Well, could I start soon?
No, you have to be at least 18.
Do I have to buy my own dog?
They would provide you with one.
Will they teach me how to give tickets?
Yes, they would provide you with extensive training. do you KNOW all this stuff??

Then Avery pipes in~
Well, I want to be a waitress and a babysitter (her two standbys)....and maybe work at Home Depot.
Amanda: Avery!  You can't work at Home Depot!
Me: (after choking down my laugh) Which department would you like to work in?
Vanities.  Or Lighting.  Or the registers.

Avery: Mom, what do YOU want to do for a job?
Well...I'm really happy doing exactly what I'm doing.
Amanda: No, for real....what do you want to DO?
Avery: I know!  Mom, you could work at Home Depot with me!  We could work in the same department, or at least ones next to each other.

Our arrival at said HD ended this particular conversation.  Couldn't love these girls, and their incredibly diverse personalities, more.


The Bug said...

That's priceless! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Amanda ended up as a police officer :)

Elizabeth said...

So funny! Love that Avery wanted to work in vanities at HD. Love that.