Monday, September 9, 2013

House Project {Week 23}

This week was ah-mazing!  We wrapped up what we could before hosting Lobster Fest and called a purposeful break in the house restoration action.  With a functioning kitchen, four bedrooms and a few bathrooms, we felt we'd be ok to pull up the reigns for a bit in order to catch our breath, return to some normalcy and also prepare for a ministry opportunity later this month.

It felt like the announcer said, "We now return you to your regularly scheduled program"!

"Busy" is such an overused term, so when people say, wow, you've been busy, I just kind of laugh.  What we did this summer was well beyond and deeper than "busy".  There just aren't even words.  

I was wishing I could wear a sign giving a brief explanation of why I was running around like a lunatic.  A sign stating that I wasn't in my right mind and that I shouldn't be held responsible for my actions (or lack of).

It can't really be called a hardship what we went through.  When I have it in perspective, it was actually making a sound financial investment and putting sweat equity into a home that will be a great place to raise our family and will allow us greater opportunities to minister to kids who don't have a place to stay.

Not really a hardship by anyone's standards, but it did stretch and strain us and many days we were pushed to the max of what we thought we could handle.

But this week, all that changed.  We took a deep breath, allowed our shoulders to relax and our minds to stop spinning.  (Well, mine was spinning, Shaun was even-keeled, as always).  Our regular, non-work clothes even came out a few times.

Shaun was able to put in time at one of the apartment building and be available to be interrupted by someone in need, fresh out of rehab.

I delivered photos from my July weddings and had a good week of school with my little guy.  It was life, it was good.

Flowers on my front steps...I may even water them!

 I took a large load of items to be donated, clearing out some more of the old house.
A leisurely lunch on the porch, enjoying the quiet and sun...and a book!
Shaun primed the canvas ceiling in Aiden's room...his room and continued work on the kitchen will be the next areas of focus.

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you had this respite from the crazy-busy!