Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Italy, Day 3 and 4

I have fallen for Bellaria.  It is a safe, quaint, seaside town, with shopping and cafes right in the mix.  Because its a tourist destination (except we are here in the off-season...I suspect my opinions about it might change if there were more people around), it is well taken care of...no garbage, well-attended plants and flowers, meticulously kept beaches and streets.

Shaun and the crew got to the convention center when it opened in the morning and worked on setup and sound checks and lighting and working through the frustrations of less-than-acceptable rental equipment coupled with European conversions.  They worked right through lunch both days.

Avery and I, on the other hand, had time to kill so we got to hang out and enjoy some time together.  She wanted to be at the beach whenever possible, so that's mostly what we did.  We also did lunch and dinner, which were sit down, four-course affairs every day....each.

On the third evening, the conference finally began with all the missionary families having arrived.  We were able to sit in on all the services....most days there was a morning session and an evening session.

I SO enjoyed the services.  Although they were fashioned specifically for the missionaries, there was certainly much I came away with.   

The conference was actually more like a retreat for the missionaries, so they brought in teams to make the week happen without the missionaries having to volunteer for things. There was a worship band, child care, sound and lighting team, a medical team, etc.  It was really a chance for the families to be renewed and refreshed. 

These first couple are next to our hotel. We stayed along a boardwalk-type place, with just a road separating us from the beach.

Shaun trying to keep the band happy and make them sound amazing.  By the end of the week, they were all his big fans.  :)

They brought in a children's team from a church in Florida to run the kids program for the MKs (missionarys' kids) and they did an incredible job.  Avery really, really enjoyed her time in those sessions.
The band, brought in from Arizona were really, really good.
Sunrise!  And a new day of meals, sound stuff, services, walking and beach.

These next few were along our walk to and from the hotel....I did that route many, many times to grab this wrench or fetch that briefcase.  It was very safe and very beautiful, always with life happening.


LuAnn said...

How lovely !!!! What a great experience for the three of you especially Avery :) Blessings !!

Melody said...

SO fun reading about your trip and seeing photos!

The Bug said...

When I was in Zambia one of our jobs was to help out with the MKs at the annual missionary retreat. I always dreaded that because I am NOT good with kids :)