Thursday, September 12, 2013

September's 10 on 10

5 AM
I felt too lazy to go to the gym inspired to do an at-home workout.  THIS was one of the two workouts I arms are still sore.
7 AM
I love listening to the girls up in their room together, giggling and chatting and loving being together.
8 AM
A rare, very rare treat in their lunch bags...juice boxes left over from LobsterFest.
10 AM
Working on "D" this week.  "D" is for desert, where that crazy John the Baptist lived.

Mom, I'm not concentrating when you take my picture.
11 AM
Time to go be a warrior.
12 PM
Sweet face after downing a butter and "chocolate" (Nutella) sandwich.  I love our lunch time chats.
1 PM
Shaun decided to move the row of trees we'd planted up onto the wall, placed in between those the neighbor planted.  The screening effect is much better already.
2 PM
Nappy time.
3 PM
A quarterly planning meeting for R....this particular one contained three social workers.
5 PM
I picked the girls up from latch-key.  They'd begged me to let them go to it after school and they chided me for not picking them up soon enough.  Sheesh.

We headed to the library so the kids could get some books for their mandatory daily reading.  They managed to pick out several books amidst animal time, computer time and playground time.

7 PM
Amanda and I are reading a chapter book together about a Chihuahua...she thinks its hilarious....I'm just happy for the snuggle time.

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The Bug said...

Sounds like a good day. I want to swing!!! I think that could be a genuine arm & leg workout, if you do it vigorously enough. Right? :)