Sunday, September 8, 2013

Project 365, Week 36

Its Sunday morning and I am in my quiet office, watching the sun make its way out of the horizon, up over the bushes to shine a spotlight on the treetops.  The birds are singing and my heart is singing and life is good.

September 1
Lobster Fest!  
 September 2
Yet another vacancy, so we all went over to get it cleaned up.  Teaching our kids the meaning of labor on Labor Day.  :)  Shaun rented it either that day or the next.
The boys were happy swinging together on a beautiful afternoon.

September 3
I didn't take a picture, but enjoyed having the girls home an extra day because of a staff day.  We worked on unpacking/cleaning their room and I also did lots of catch-up emails, phone calls, editing, etc.

September 4
September 5
It was too nice to not do school out on the sidewalk.  Love those little baby hands.
 A special package arrived for Avery.  :)
 After rehearsal, Opening night of football!!
September 6
Aiden was playing out in the yard with sticks, doing swords and spears so I went out to observe with my camera.  Instead he came down and sat next to me and we chatted.

I bought playdoo for Aiden, but it ended up being quite popular with all the kids.
There was a public dress rehearsal of Pillars of Fire, Brent's latest musical.  Exciting!

September 7
Twins!  Bright and early, out on the soccer field.
Aiden's first time!  He'd been excitedly counting down the days but he went to bed at 11 the night before, so he wasn't in the best condition to be playing at 9 AM.  In fact, we left early with him in tears.

However, hours later and after a nap, he couldn't wait to tell Uncle Tony that he was on a soccer team and how much he liked it.  We shall try again next week with more sleep.  :)
Cousin Alayna turns four!  She and Aiden are only two months apart, but are very competitive about who is bigger.  Aiden says Alayna thinks she's bigger because when they try to determine who is taller she will raise her hands, or climb in a, she has a ponytail.  :)

In the evening, we went to my dad's church to listen to the Blackwood Brothers.  The kids reported that "one guy sang really high and one guy sang really low".  Boy, did they ever!  You have to appreciate those tight harmonies!


sara said...

so wish one year I could get in on the Lobster Fest!!!

Why is Avery getting a passport...did I miss something?

LuAnn and I were just messaging the other day and talking about how fun it would be to take a girls trip to see your new house!! :)

Meg A. said...

I loved this week! I think because it feels like life has returned to normal in your corner of the world and I love seeing the regular day-to-day! My favorites are the ones of Aiden and Amanda on the porch- gorgeous!

The Bug said...

If there's a girl's trip to see your house I want in!