Sunday, September 29, 2013

Project 365, Week 39

*Spoiler alert if you are following the Italy series*...this gives the ending away.  :)

I'm picking up this week from Thursday, going home day!  I have a few more Italy posts to do, which will take care of the earlier part of the week.  Now that I have reliable, faster-than-a-snails-pace internet and I'm not sharing a computer with Shaun who needs it for all his sound "stuff", it is much easier.  The flip side is I now have a house and four kids to care for and am back to doing real life.  :)

September 26
Going home!  We got to the airport at 10 AM.  Both Shaun and I noted how much nicer the "departures" side of the airport is than the "arrivals".  Strange.
 Stop over in Dublin and, wouldn't you know, it was a grey, rainy day.  I would love to go visit there sometime, but wouldn't want to live there....I'm not sure I could sustain a non-depressed state with the weather like that so often.

 Avery took this with the iPad.  The downside to traveling with kids....they get the coveted window seat.  :)
 Boston, USA!!  On the way home we stopped to pick up Aiden and Amanda.  It was SO very sweet to see them and everyone was FULL of stories that they could hardly sputter out fast enough.
 September 27
The usuals....mail, laundry, groceries, phone calls, etc.
 And lots of smiles and snuggles.

Since we got home so late, the foster family R was staying with asked if we could pick him up the following day, so after school we did.

Back home, together again!
September 28

 Newsflash....parenting is hard.  :)  SO hard to sit in the car praying and picking at my fingernails while R went in, all dressed up and by himself, to ask about a job for the first time ever.

He came out once to ask me what our phone number is.  He hasn't had the luxury of knowing his own phone number since the time he was Aiden's age....its changed so many times, along with his address.  Heartbreaking.

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The Bug said...

The little soccer dudes are SO FREAKING CUTE!

My heart breaks for R :(