Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas II

Not every Christmas has been all sunshine in roses in our families....there have actually been some pretty tough years but this year, God's faithfulness was so evident.  

Christmas Eve started with a candlelight service at church and then at my sister's for a fabulous meal.

Back at home, the kids opened the traditional Christmas Eve present (minus Aiden, who stayed at Rocco's house).
Stuffing stockings is a major undertaking!

Christmas morning!

Madison came downstairs in the morning sporting these beauties.

Coffee flows out by the gallons....

After stockings, we break for brunch.  Yum!

My aunt has always bought matching outfits for various pairs/groups of kids over the years.  She brought it back this was fraught with meaning and so special!

The girls' bathroom turned into a dayspa.
My 12-year old niece, who's not even really allowed to wear any yet, knows oodles more about all things make-up than I ever will.  Amazing!

All the adults pick an adult name, and all the kids pick a kid's name to buy for.  This keeps it manageable and enjoyable.
The maitre'd seating everyone.
Dinner...each person's placecard had a number on it with a verse from the Christmas story out of the Bible.  Though our craft was a flop, the reading of it was special and included every one.  Renna's placecard said "baby".  :)
After a quick clean up and take down, we transformed the dining room into a theater for our annual "talent" show.
One of my favorites was when Juliet walked in and surprised us good to see her and have her with us!!

Our family did David and Goliath.  Goliath is pictured here, R was David.  :)
Cousins blow us away every year with their dancing and Renna was not about to be left behind this year!

We passed the phone around and chatted with my brother who was in New Jersey and facetimed with my sister, who was in Florida.
The next day....

All dressed up and ready to go shopping at our favorite Christmas boutique.
Then the group spent the afternoon solving the world's problems.  Differing views on how to go about it, but beautiful hearts.
The kids were happy losing brain cells up in their nook.
In the evening we watched the Christmas video I'd put together for the talent show and some funny stuff on youtube, namely Tim Hawkins.

HERE's the family video, if you haven't had enough pictures yet.  :)


LuAnn said...

I wanna come to your house for Christmas.

Meg A. said...

I love your Christmas recaps- so special! The one of Ju-Ju surprising everyone made me tear up! The day spa looked adorable. Can't resist those 2 little super heros in their pjs- so sweet. All the smiling faces...incredible memories! P.S. Love seeing the new house working her first Bourquin Christmas! Everything looked amazing!

Carrie said...

We drove through your neck of the woods the other night on the way home from spending time with family down south. Spent some time praying for your sweet family and for R's case.