Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project 365, Week 1

I was at the gym this morning and got SLAMMED with a migraine.  Not the kind where you post on facebook, UGH...I have a migraine! but the kind where you have to lay still in darkness, except when you're walking to the bathroom to be sick to your stomach.

Its only my fourth one ever (they are ALL very memorable!).  Thankfully Shaun was home to handle the five kids while I slept for four hours and then relaxed the rest of the day.

Makes me so very thankful for good health!

Anyway, Happy New Year!!  I just love the freshness of a new year and all the possibilities it holds!

December 29
Its not enough that these girls share the same room...whenever allowed (like non-school nights), they also like to share the same (twin) bed, even though there's a full on the other side of the room.

December 30
Aiden wanted to use the bubble bath he got in his stocking.  My kids have all done showers pretty much as soon as they could stand on their own, so it was a special treat.

 December 31
A FREEZING cold day and these two were out playing baseball.
 Avery helped Shaun organize some of his tools....he's been working steadily on the car.
This private residence puts a light show to music...pretty impressive!

We let the older three stay up to watch the ball drop.  At 11:50, we flipped the TV on and were shocked and appalled by the awful, inappropriate, vulgar things we saw.  Shaun couldn't flip through the major networks fast enough, particularly with our kids sitting there.  In case I needed a reminder of one of the many reasons I don't turn that thing on...

January 1
Uncle Tony helped Aiden get his new lego set opened up and put together.  We did our annual New Year's Day visit at Grandpa's house, only this time without Grandpa.  We had a nice time, but he certainly leaves a hole.
 January 2
First day back to school and it was an early dismissal because of snow.  The kids got right out in it.  Remarkably, R taught all three kids how to snowboard.

I hope this doesn't mean we have to spend winters at a ski lodge.  ;)

We also welcomed "D" for the weekend for respite...13 going on 30.  She bears the signs of a tough life, but has such a good heart and fit in well with our family.
 January 3
These pictures were taken from my office window 'cause it was TOO cold for me to go out.
 Aiden was so excited to be able to use the snow shovel we got him for Christmas.
 January 4
I woke up five soundly sleeping kids so we could be out of the house by 8:15 for voice lessons and basketball.
We also got to have this little angel for the morning and introduce her to basketball!
 Avery's team won and she touched the ball!  She even scored a basket!!
 Amanda had her first game later in the afternoon.  Love seeing the kids be active and having fun.


Meg A. said...

Glad you're feeling better! We had a similar NYE TV experience. C and I stayed up, turned the TV on at 11:30 and were so disgusted by the vulgarity and narcissism! And we didn't even have little eyes watching...just annoyed at what a waste it was! Hope you're staying warm!

The Bug said...

I'm not the prude you guys are (ahem - ha!), but even I don't tolerate those shows anymore. Ugh. Put on some clothes & wash your mouth out with soap people!

Love the snow boarding. I would totally have been doing that in my younger days (& falling a lot - I'm a lifelong klutz).