Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project 365, Week 2

This week we had single-digit temps, near-record high temps, snow and thunder and lightning.  I feel like we've already "put in our time" with the cold, so I'm expecting the remainder of the winter to be mild.  We'll see!  :)

We eased back into tax season and the kids had their first full week back at school after Christmas break.  

We had some setbacks but also had front row seats to God's faithfulness.

January 5
The kids were enjoying some Uncle Nathan time now because he'll be scarce during tax season.

 Lots of "wars" going on.  I think these two were on the hunt for R.
 January 6
Love these next two with Great-Grandpa.

 January 7
Yay for morning snuggles!
 The kids and I experienced our first track & field event.  It was overwhelming and confusing at first, but fun.  R had a personal best for pole vault height so I'm glad we got to witness it.
 January 8
Not the scene you want to see when you pull up to your house.  Thankfully, our old house is just two blocks from the fire department and they were able to put out the chimney fire without any damage to the house.

We are getting anxious to see what God has planned for that house as part of the grand scheme of us buying this new house.  Trusting!

January 9
When we signed her up, we didn't realize that Amanda would have basketball practice each week at this level, but I'm sure it will be helpful in developing skills.

 January 10
The kids enjoyed their 90-minute school delay with a tiny bit of snow.

 January 11
Both girls had basketball games.  Avery had a fire in her eyes this day...she's getting it!

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The Bug said...

I'm sneaking on here during a break at work. Love your week! Very scary about the chimney fire. I sure hope 2014 brings a good resolution to the old house...

I never DID get basketball when I was trying to play (just during PE - I would never have signed up to play it!). It's much more fun for me to watch :)