Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project 365, Week 4

For some reason, this week I feel like sharing a bunch of pictures.  So many of them are just everyday life, which are my very favorite of all.

Hope you are staying warm.  Even though its a high price to pay, I'm thankful for the warm shelter I have every day and every night.  I never have to wonder where I'm going to stay.

January 19
We had some friends over for was so good to see them and catch up!
 I caught my boys watching the football game together.  Might not be the last time I see them like this.  :)  The Broncos (Shaun's lifelong team) are in the SuperBowl!!
 Nathanael got to sleep over!
 January 20
Beautiful sunrise seen from my front yard.

 January 21
Aiden and I sit here often reading stories.  He loves bible stories, books about super heros, firetrucks, machinery, airplanes, etc.  I'm learning a lot.  :)
 We took advantage of an early snow dismissal and went to see Daddy at work while its still slow enough for him to have pockets of time.

The girls were thrilled to use the signature pad.  :)  The lollipops in the office are a big hit, too.

 Then we went to the library.  Going every three weeks really seems to help them have their nose in a book more often.  Totally worth it.
While there, I noticed the local paper's front page headline.  Its a long story, but here's the short version:

Back in November, the town sent out a decree that there would be a parking ban EVERY night from 12-5 AM for the entire winter, December 15-March 1.  

We live in a city!  We (and so many others) own multi-family houses that do not have off-street parking available.  We have overnight guests stay for Christmas at our own residence.  Anyway, completely crazy on so many levels.

Shaun sent emails to town officials, attended and spoke at two different town meetings in December and January and spent many hours worried and stressed by the ramifications.

This was happy news!

We dropped R off at therapy and went to see Great-Grandpa.  By the time we left, the roads were slippery, but pretty!
 My favoritest Batman boy, all ready for bed.
 January 22
Can you believe its been two years since we got licensed for foster care???  The homefinder/inspector lady from our agency came out to see the entire house and talk with me.  We received an excellent written review and she had nice things to say about our family.

Good to hear, since sometimes we feel like we are on DCFs black list.  We do crazy things like petition relentlessly to pay out of our pockets for Z to attend private school, since the public schools are lacking.  Or we turn down Jay-Z concert tickets for moral reasons.

Regardless, they are keeping us another two years.  Can't wait to see what those years hold and meet the lives that THE Jesus in us can change.

 After she left, I went through the house (while it was clean!) and took a video for insurance purposes.

Found these sweet little family members laying quiet in their beds.  Our beloved Bear and Teddy, faithfully serving.

 January 23
Aiden was all about cars today.
January 24
My friend shipped us a whole box of clothes for Aiden.  We were both SO excited about it!!
 Aiden cooked dinner all on his own....and ate it!  :)
What the world needs is more super heros!

 January 25
One of those days that, somehow, everything fits in.  I woke Aiden from a sound sleep at 9:30 AM and we were off and running until we got home from church that night at 7:30 PM.

The day began at R's track meet.  He got two for pole vaulting 8' 6" and one for 4x800 meter relay.  His time was 2:18 and his school took third, yielding him his first ever medal.

He's worked so hard and been so dedicated....hard work truly does pay off.  So proud!

 Speaking of hard work....Nah, just kidding.  Its all about having fun and being with friends and classmates at Amanda's games, which is just right for her age.

 Avery played her most confident yet.  She's grown so much this season.
Have a great week!


sara said...

so much in those pictures!!

I was surprised that your foster care license is renewed every 2 years. We have to have it done every year!! Ours is coming up in March and I need to get my physical for it soon!!!

The Bug said...

Love all the pictures of everyday life - I like seeing how other folks spend their days.

Mike took a picture of my ancient bear yesterday (there was a "childhood bear sharing" thread on Facebook with one of his friends). Puff is about 40 years old and WELL loved - ha!