Friday, May 30, 2014

I Still Do...20 Years Later

Today is a very special day.  Today Shaun and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  May 30, 1994 was the day we entered into a covenant together and we've been living it out ever since.

In the days and months leading up to this day, I've thought a lot about where we've been, what has worked, what hasn't, why we've made it but others do not.

How do you sum up 20 years together...the better part of a lifetime, really.  Eating meatless pasta and cornflakes in excess when there was little money for food, remodeling countless old houses, earning college degrees, going on amazing vacations, family break-ups, jobs and promotions, one, two, three kids, ministry, quiet moments in the dark, deaths of grandparents, fostering, plenty and want.

When I think back on all the memories, my heart cannot contain it all.  Standing on the altar when we were 19 & 23, I could never have imagined how beautiful and full love would be after twenty years of living it.  Shaun is God's gift to me and I'm more sure of that than ever.

I made a slideshow with some of the pictures we have of us together (there aren't many) and showed it to the girls.  They liked it but thought the music was sad.  I had to agree with them, it didn't really match the mood I was going for, but I loved the message.

And if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and His grace
There’s no way we would be standing in this place
But because He has been faithful
Every step along the way
Here we are together

If it wasn't for God's mercy and His grace....He's been faithful.

Here's the original (beautiful, though a bit dramatic for our past circumstances) song:

I enjoy the anniversary dance that many do at their wedding reception...pull all the married couples onto the dance floor and slowly eliminate people as the number of years wed climbs higher.  Usually the couple left has been married 30, 40, 50 years.  I love to hear their words of advice as to how they've made it work.

However, at the last wedding I photographed, I realized some of the advice does not fit all couples when the wife said, "Do not let the sun go down on your anger....stay up all night and fight it out!"

I thought, I cannot think of many things much more detrimental than me staying up all night to fight.  On the contrary, if I'm feeling like I want to fight, sleep is usually one of my greatest needs!  :)

I asked Shaun why he thinks we've had an amazing marriage, but his comment was not helpful with this blog post.

So many thoughts swirl through my head, its hard to grab them and put them in an order.  Perhaps in the coming months I'll put together some posts containing the bits of wisdom I've gained (and am daily learning!).  For now, since I love quotes, here are some that reflect my feelings on marriage.


Shaun, thank you for the fairytale we've had for these 24 years together.  There is NO one I'd rather be doing life beside.  Can't wait to be your wife for the next 20!  We are blessed, so very, very blessed.


sara said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved reading these quotes. Steve and I will have been married 30 years this summer!

LuAnn said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a great post. Joel and I will be married 26 years in August. Many blessings on your next 20 years.

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! How is it that you guys look exactly the same? :)

Jayati Bhardwaj said...

Wow thts amazing to know abt ur awesome..uncinditional love. Even after so many years of togetherness..both of u r able to keep tht initial spark alive...hats off..grt goin..Wish u all the love..stay blessed.. :)