Monday, September 8, 2014

Pre-Lobster Fest

I am posting Lobster Fest weekend backwards, mostly because I know people were anxious to see the Lobster Fest pics.  And while it was an amazing day, we also had a grand day on Saturday.  

After a yummy breakfast and showers, we paraded walked to R's football scrimmage (where Meg dropped off the kids) and then headed to my mom's for the afternoon.  She has a beautiful spot in the country and the weather was a ten.  

The pictures should speak for themselves....

 Could she have a more adoring face toward her big sis?

 These two are trouble together.

 The '06 Club, getting bigger by the day.  Lainie proves to be the responsible voice of reason among the group.  :)
 So sexy attractive to see my husband volunteer to take a fussy baby while also taking the time to talk through the latest catastrophe with his daughter.
 Or gladly gathers his niece in his lap to help with her attempts to get closer to the desserts.
 We had Z and my sister's six, plus ours...that's 11 we called it a day before there was melting.  In record time, they all had a shower and a bed.  Most even had a pillow!  So very grateful for our house that can accommodate everyone.

 Once the house was quiet we sat around the table.  The conversation turned to two pressing issues...what should C4's name be for Spanish class and what should Shaun name his new financial services business.  Melody went crazy brainstorming and in the end came up with the winning name: Juan.

Just kidding, we actually didn't come to a conclusion on C4's name (though we had a lot of laughs trying).  Shaun's new business is Sterling Principle Financial.  Look for it on the NYSE in a couple years.  :)

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