Sunday, September 7, 2014

Project 365, Week 36

Fall is in full swing, especially where the kids are concerned.  Two weeks ago we were quietly, innocently doing summer and, just like that, we are thrust into the madness that happens when you have four kids in three different school, on three different sports teams and heavily involved in ministries at church...not for wimps!  :)  But so fun!

September 1
Happy September!  We had a leisurely morning enjoying the last remnants of our Lobster Fest weekend.
 My "labor" for this Labor Day was an 18 mile run.  I'm just over half way through my training!
 September 2
Shaun's car sold over the weekend, so he ramped up his efforts to pull the trigger on a new one.  He and Aiden made a trek to MA.  He sent me a picture during their negotiations break.

(Aiden had randomly come down dressed in his full t-ball uniform)

 He's very independent when it comes to entertaining himself and keeping busy.  He pulled out his equipment and practiced his swing.
 Orientation/Open House at the girls school.  Shaun was at rehearsal so I went to both classrooms.  The kids had prepared some work for us to see.  Amanda wrote about her summer fun "sea doing".  :)
 Aiden wasn't too sure about going out to play with all the kids (supervised), but I sent him on his way...and he had a blast.
 September 3
On a scale of 1 to 10, my mornings usually rate in the 10 to 15 range.  This one was just incredible.
 We got to have Alayna for a few hours and she walked down to do school pick up with us.  You can hear how much these two are growing up in their conversations.
 Homework yielded tears, times two this afternoon.  We're all still adjusting.
 Aiden's favorite, most requested book to read is the Bible....his "Jesus stories".  He asks thought provoking questions and has insight that would far exceeds his age.  I wonder how God is going to use him.
 September 4
All student athlete's parents had to sit through a presentation on concussions at school.  Aiden was playing with my phone and this was the best of the bunch.
 September 5
Amanda reading a story to Great-Grandpa.
 These two were "on" this week in their on again/off again relationship.
 R was starting defense in the last scrimmage before regular season starts this week.  It was a lovely night to sit out and watch, though I'm thinking in another month we'll need blankets.  :(
 The day finally arrived!    Friday night activities started back up and Aiden is old enough to join Royal Rangers!  He's been so, so excited, ready to learn about God and campfires and hiking.
 September 6
Warm ups in the yard.
 I took Aiden to his first practice....

 ...and Shaun took the girls to their first game.  Avery scored two of four goals and Amanda was goalie for two quarters, making several impressive saves.

Fall sports are in full swing!


Amy said...

I love Amanda's lake story. Should mail a copy to G and T and C and B.

We also had an all-athlete parent mandatory meeting this week. They didn't speak of discussions, though. It was all about sportsmanship and how our behavior is a reflection of God. Honesty, excellence, integrity and doing the right thing is what our athletes will be taught. We'll see how that translates to the field / rink!

The Bug said...

What a great week! I'm so behind on blog reading... Gonna try to get caught up this weekend, but we'll see...