Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project 365, Week 37

Good morning!  Its been a nice slow morning after playing the how-much-can-we-squeeze-into-one-day game yesterday.  I left for my race at 5:30 AM.  While I was gone Shaun: got the girls to voice lessons, Aiden to soccer practice, the girls to their soccer game, everyone to rehearsal at church, then to a lease signing.  Then we met up at cousin Alayna's birthday party, then church, then pizza, then C4's hockey game.  Lots of fun in one day.

That lease signing for the two offices we have means we are at 100% full occupancy.  Its been a long, burdensome road to get here...we are rejoicing!

Here's a peek at our week.  (I rhymed that in honor of Aiden, who is rhyming everything he says right now.):

September 7
R and I left early for church so he could do video during the service and I could take pictures of the ministry fair in between services.

We are adding a 4th service to the weekend starting next month, which is going to require more people to make it all happen.  In the couple weeks of this "campaign" for volunteers, we added more than 400 new people!  Very exciting to see what God has in store.
From there we went to Shaun's mom's for a picnic.  It was such a pretty day to be outside and we got to spend some time with some of Grandpa Tom's family, who we hadn't seen since the wedding.
 September 8
Avery got super sick, starting the day before with a nasty headache.  I made her a bed on my bedroom floor in the middle of the night so she could be in close proximity to the bathroom.  She laid there listless all day, but really didn't want to be alone.

So Aiden did his brotherly duty and watched the iPad in the room while she was in and out of sleep.  Then Amanda thought it only fair that she join once she was home from school and her homework was done.
 September 9
One of Colombo's suppliers offered him a couple spots in their skybox at Fenway and he passed them on to Shaun and I.  Definitely a really nice way to watch baseball.  It was a beautiful evening and it was so good to spend some alone time together.

Thanks to Kiki who took on a sick kid, soccer practice and such.

 September 10
The thing that did best in our garden this year was the marigolds.  I planted some around the edge because that's what my parents always did.  I used to think they were so stinky but now I kind of like the smell, because it reminds me of those days.  Forever my mom and dad will come to mind when I see/smell marigolds.
 September 11
Remembering 13 years ago when the world changed.  For many of us its still raw and seems like it happened "just yesterday", for others its an event read about in history books.  So very thankful to be an American.

Beautiful evening at soccer practice.
 September 12
Shaun and Amanda working through Math homework.  As I was half listening to them, I was taken back to my high school days when he and I would sit (close) on the couch for hours and hours as he helped me through Algebra.
 September 13
Race day!  Beautiful running conditions with beautiful running partners.


Carrie said...

Love Fenway! Such a great date night!

The Bug said...

You two are so cute - glad you had a good date night!