Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 365, Week 39

Good morning!  The sun continues to shine and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

There is so much to write here.  I've given lots of thought to how I want to handle my cancer journey as far as the blog is concerned.  I have an old-fashioned prayer/daily journal that I write in everyday but I thought something here would be good too.

We confirmed this week that it is indeed going to be a journey.  I know God is going to have His hand in all of it and I want to have something to look back on to be reminded of His goodness.  

Writing is therapeutic to me, it helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings and that in some small way it might help someone who reads here is awesome.

Also, I know that most all of you who read our family's blog care deeply about us and after these six years of me blogging you actually know us pretty well.  For many, this will be your best source for updates.

And so, I think I may do what I did for our house project last year and post a weekly update here on all things related to battling cancer.  Once I decide which day that will be (probably Mondays) then you can decide whether you want to read that day. ;)

The short version of the meeting with surgeon on Friday is that the cancer is "very treatable".  We have an attack plan that we will begin implementing in the next couple weeks.  We're going to beat it and that's the good news.  More to come very soon.

Here's our normal/awkward/strained/blessed week:

September 21
One day removed from telling the kids.  In an effort to show the kids I am still Mom and not the sick person in the house, I took the boys for a hike/walk while Shaun had the girls at rehearsal for the day.

September 22
My sister and brother visited and Tim and Lainie stayed long enough to get the girls from school.  The girls were ecstatic and dove right in to talking and giggling.  So sweet.
 September 23
Shaun, Aiden and I ran errands all morning so when we got home Aiden was anxious to be productive.
 September 24
Like she's done since first grade, Avery comes home, sits at the kitchen table and gets her homework done.  4th grade is generally about 30 minutes of homework, plus reading.
 Treasures from our walk home.  Aiden picks me pretty leaves almost everyday now that they are available.  In a get well card he made me he had Avery transcribe the following:

Dear Mom,
I love you and I hope you feel better and you are the best mom I have ever known.  You are so perfect that I could pick every flower in the earth.
 September 25
My dad stopped by to drop some things off and snapped this picture.  Love these boys who I get to hang out with everyday.  We're partners in crime while the others are away at school during the day.
 I spied Amanda out on the swing by herself, looking like she was doing some thinking so I went out and talked to her.  Lots of really tough issues to grapple with right now, but at least for this day we were able to sort through some of them.
 I often find these two tucked in a corner together reading.
 Aiden and I joined the crew for the last dress rehearsal.
 September 26
We've done lots of music in the house this week and God has made himself known in some really cool ways through it.  Amanda put on Oceans before school and she and Shaun were so sweetly singing it together.

At 2:30 we had our first visit with the surgeon.
 Opening Night!  Cast and crew did an amazing job.
 September 27
A perfect day to watch lots of soccer.  Aiden's the blurry one in the blue shorts.
 He was quite pleased to see all his fans waiting for him.
 Shaun stands right near the action so he can coach/encourage.  Amanda was happy to play goalie for half the game.
 Avery and Amanda are in blue in the center, working the middle together.
 I went to tuck them in after church and found this...

They love non-school nights because we let them sleep in the same bed together.

Here's to another week to experience God's love and goodness!


Meg A. said...

I will never tire of shots of the 2 girls in their uniforms- so, so sweet! And love the Pop shot of you and S and A.

The Bug said...

Oh that Aiden - tugs my heart strings. I need to take a page out of Avery's book & come home from work & do my chores before I sit down at the computer :)

P.S. Treatable is good...

Ashley Beth said...

You are so brave and faithful in knowing His sovereign goodness. Excellent news that you are looking at a very treatable illness and with such a marathoner's perspective! Praying every day!

Amy said...

Aiden's love note.....

Michelle Curtis said...

I read both your blog and Amy's blogs. You both portray to me what true faithfulness and love of God is! I admire you for your strength, faith, and belief. May God continue to bless you and I will say your name in my prayers from here on out!