Sunday, September 21, 2014

Project 365, Week 38

I'm at a loss for how to introduce this week.  At first I thought I might leave it at the face value of the pictures and protect my secret longer but as time has gone on I've realized I do want to share it here.  

Much of this week was consumed with cleansing, testing, waiting, telling, processing, praying.  Late Friday we got the news that I have cancer.  Specifically, colorectal cancer.

I know...crazy.  I wish it wasn't so hard to read that...I haven't found a way to just work it into conversation so that its not so startling.

The people we've told have lots of questions that we simply don't yet have answers to.  There will be more testing this week and so we hope by late Friday we'll know more.

September 14
While Shaun and the girls were at rehearsal, R and I drove 45 minutes to see Z's football game.  He played nearly the entire time and it was so good to see him out enjoying it.  I sat next to his mom and her boyfriend and did my best to pour love into them.

 September 15
These two brainiacs playing some countries of the world game.
 September 16
Sitting at soccer practice isn't so bad when you have a new book and tea.
 September 17
Amy took the girls to the Big E, because her six kids weren't enough to wrangle.  :)  Shaun and I are not fair people, so we mostly deprive our kids from that experience....the girls had a blast!

 September 18
Traditionally, the football team gets together for a pasta/carbs meal the day before a game.  This night it was our turn.  How much food is enough to feed an entire football team??  I've hosted many, many events but this was unchartered territory for me.

Amy came over and helped me prep and serve and clean up and gave moral support.  Together, along with Shaun's huge contributions, we fed about 30.  We were SO happy to see R hanging with these teammates and enjoying cool status for the evening.

The boys were all polite and cleaned up after themselves.

 September 19
Game time!  Aiden had just gotten home from a week at the Cape with Pop and Kiki and we had just gotten "the news" and we were feeling like we wanted to be together as a family.  So we skipped regular Friday activities and went to R's game.

 At halftime Shaun took the kids to run around in a big open space.
 It got a little chilly!
 September 20
We called a family meeting at 8 AM before our day really kicked off.  Shaun had us all sit close, huddled in a circle as he told the kids that their mom has cancer.  Its a time I will never forget.

And then we were off and running to football practice, rehearsal and soccer, just as it should be.

 Later that evening, some of our closest friends came over with food.  The kids ran wild, the adults talked and ate and laughed around the table and then we moved to the living room where we read beautiful Truth from the Bible and then these friends who all serve God passionately and have big, beautiful hearts laid hands on me and prayed.

Its a time I will never forget.

So what now?  I really don't know much but I will check back here this week at some point.  Thank you for your prayers.


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sara said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing and allowing us the privilege to pray for and with you!

Yesterday, my youngest hugged me through the miles by hugging the computer during our skyping....I'm sending you a big hug the same way!!

Carrie said...

Oh, Lisa. So sorry. Praying.

The Bug said...

Adding my prayers to the mix - and I'll get you on our church's prayer list, where your name will be read every Sunday during the Prayers of the People. And I MIGHT be working on a prayer shawl (I was already working on one, I just didn't know whose it was).

On another note, I showed Mike the picture of the girls in the sheep picture & we both thought it was great :)

LuAnn said...

Lisa, The power of prayer is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us. Prayers have started already. The Lord has some kind of plan for you. Always remember he will never give you more than you can handle. Hugs to you!!!


Amy Joy said...

Lots of love and prayers from us and "our people." You are an inspiration and testimony to me. And I'm rejoicing in the miraculous report that is on its way. xo
(PS - Great job on the pasta party - I remember being so excited about those and it's extra special to have one at your own house!! I can't imagine feeding an entire football team!)

Laurel said...

Calling upon the Name Above ALL Names (even cancer) on your behalf, dear Lisa! Sending you lots of love and ((((hugs)))) across the miles...the Gibsons are standing with you!!!

Ashley Beth said...

Much, much love and prayers to you, friend. You will be right on the top of my prayer journal daily. I don't have words to make it all seem better, but we are lavishly loved by a God who holds you tightly in His grip. I'm so grateful that you know that so very well.