Sunday, November 30, 2014

Project 365, Week 48

I love Thanksgiving, don't you?  Its about recognizing how very blessed we are and spending time with family.  So cool!

We, all of us, are so blessed, so rich.

This week is going to need a separate post or three so I only have one picture per day.  Imagine that!

November 23
Guess who's the birthday girl.  :)

November 24
We are well aware our family is...different??  Crazy?  This Monday night was not typical but certainly not out of our "norm". R called at 5 pm:

R: Um, because of the weather they are predicting for Thursday, our game got moved to Tuesday.
Us: That's great!
R: Yeah, well, we were supposed to have the pre-game pasta dinner on Wednesday but since the game got moved to tomorrow we have no place to do the dinner.
Us: Oh, that's too bad.
R: Yeah.  Well, I was wondering.  Uh, do you think we could do it at our house?
Us: Our house?  When?
R: In about half an hour.  Yeah, I was gonna call before practice started [2 hours ago!] but I couldn't find anyone's phone to borrow.
Us: Ok. Bring them on over.

Then we scrambled!  :)  THANKFULLY, Amy had stopped by to drop some things off for me and the call came just as she was leaving and she graciously stayed til we had things underway.  We also had a couple other friends here who pitched in.  As a team we ran to the store, cleaned up the house (and by that I mean we moved power tools and swept up some of the sawdust) and had dinner on the table in 30 minutes.

I stayed on the other end of the house while the germs football players were here but this was the aftermath I walked into after they'd left.

It really blessed R that we were able to do that and he thanked me half a dozen times. I'm glad our kids know its ok to bring 25 friends over and hang at our house.  One of the many reasons God gave us this gift of a house.

November 25
This little dude was all about legos this week, building ships and aircraft.

November 26
Pre-holiday house projects well underway.  Time for a house project update!
November 27
Happy Thanksgiving!  Sienna and the girls worked diligently on these adorable place cards for the table.
 November 28
Decking the halls.
 November 29
A low-key morning with games and puzzles.

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The Bug said...

Oh PLACE cards! I need to steal (er borrow) this idea for next year. We always sit by family group at our Thanksgiving feast so I plan to shake things up next year :)

Love that you guys had R's team over for dinner on the spur of the moment. Of course you did - you guys are great!