Monday, February 2, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 19

To fully appreciate this week, you'd have to back up to Sunday. In the late afternoon my cousin Melody arrived. The kids helped her unload the car, which included full playing-in-the-snow gear and then us three adults sat down to go over the week's schedule and the 411 on the household. With all the moving parts of our lives, it was nice to know one person would be at the helm, seeing the big picture.

Knowing it would be a big day, me with treatment, Shaun beginning his busy week, Melody getting used to a household of seven, we got to bed fairly early. At 2 AM Avery came in complaining that her stomach hurt. Thinking it would be the fastest way for us to get back to sleep, I told her she could make a bed on the floor next to me. No sooner had she gotten all settled then she threw up all over herself and the blankets she'd laid on the floor. Now we were up and much of the night was lost..

In the morning she still wasn't feeling great, so I made a quick call to my dad who already had Aiden and could be at our house before we had to leave. I also arranged for Amanda to go home with a classmate since there was an early dismissal from school due to snow.

Before we left for treatment #8, I called and made a vet appointment for the dumb dog because he'd been sick and was not showing signs of bouncing back. Our friend agreed to take Trot, who at this point had to be carried to the car.

We got to treatment and my blood counts were good! so we got started. I was sad to not have "my" nurse, who was on a missions trip in Haiti. Despite having spent $640 on an anti-nausea patch, my body felt the full blow of this treatment. It was miserable.

At some point our friend called from the vet's office, relaying treatment options for the dog, made more complicated because of the coming blizzard. Melody took the information and broke it down for my mush brain and I was able to call Shaun in between his clients to make a joint decision.

On Tuesday we woke up to 2 feet of snow. Various people cared for the dog, making attempts to re-hydrate him. Amanda got one-on-one time with Melody and Shaun and R cleared snow. I stayed in bed and was largely unaware of the goings on, except to know that it was very white outside!

Wednesday was another snow day for the kids and our friend took the dog back to the vet. As we were walking out the door to get my pump removed, our friend called from the vet's office and it was clearly time to make "the call"....spend an undetermined amount of money for tests and treatments and maybe save the dog's life, or call it. I made a frantic call to Shaun and together we decided it was best to put him down. Then we went out in the freshly plowed roads to get the pump removed.

The nurse could tell from my very low blood pressure that I was dehydrated and encouraged me to stay for IV fluids but I politely and firmly declined, sure I would be able to get things down now that the pump was off and not wanting to stay in the cancer center a second longer than necessary.

The girls were anxious to celebrate so we settled on a stop at DD on the way home. In my head I had pictured high-fives and balloons and streamers, but really, I just felt sick and wanted to be in bed. But once Saturday dawned, I was feeling pretty normal again...what a relief!

Looking back on the week, I feel like I was more wimp than warrior, but I guess either way we are on this side of it. The idea that I don't have to go back there next Monday for treatment has not settled in yet, but its a very exciting prospect!

With a new week comes new perspective. I'm taking a deep breath and leaning in close to Jesus. There's very little in all this that is certain, but His steadfast love and faithfulness are true and dependable. And His grace is enough.

So what's next? I'm not entirely sure. We'll have some more tests and consultations this week and hopefully come up with a game plan. I covet your prayers for wisdom and strength as we determine the best course of action. We are so thankful for you faithful members of Team often I feel carried by your prayers and support. Thank you.

The end. E-N-D!!

My niece Madison danced in a competion this past weekend and dedicated her first dance to me. She gave me the ribbon she recieved for scoring platinum. Love you, Maddy-girl!

But I have trusted in your steadfast love...I will sing to the Lord 
because he has dealt bountifully with me. Psalm 13:5-6


Ashley Beth said...

Yes!!! Continued prayers for the next leg of the journey.

The Bug said...

Amen! So glad this stage is finished!

Laura said...

Next time take the fluids! Doctors orders (Dr. Laura that is but I know Kapoor would agree) praying for wisdom for what ever may be next - anothe batch of cookies may be in order to celebrate next mile stone:)

Carrie said...

Rejoicing with you over this milestone! Continued prayers!

Melody said...

You are definitely a warrior!