Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Trot's been gone a week and its definitely quieter without him, though I've had little opportunity to notice he's gone. He used to come with me to walk the girls to and from school and I used to throw the tennis ball for him in the yard, but there's been too much snow for either of those activities. Amanda says at least once a day that she misses him.

I wish I could say that I do but honestly he was such.a.pain for most of his life. That comes with young dogs, at least the two in my experience, but the combination of a puppy and three young kids (1, 3, 5) turned into more than I loved dealing with on nearly every level.  (Here's a fun example when he was almost one.)

He regularly, though inadvertently, knocked down a newly walking Aiden, constantly tried to grab things out of the kids hands or off their bodies, chewed beloved stuffed animals (curiously, only the very favorite-est ones), and all manner of annoyances that come with being an active puppy.

But he sure was cute! Thought I'd share a couple pictures from the early days, because who doesn't love kids and puppies?

These first three were from the day we picked up Trot Nixon.

Funny, the night we told the kids he was gone, this was one of Amanda's memories. The first weeks he slept in a box in the girls room and they used to argue about who got to have the box closest to their bed.


sara said...

ok, those are the cutest pictures ever!!

Amy Joy said...

Such sweet/cute photos!! Hope you're all handling the missing him okay.

LuAnn said...

I remember when you got Trot. The pictures are fun and great memories for the kiddos

The Bug said...

Aw how sweet! Boy time flies - I didn't remember that the kids were so little when you got him. That one of Aiden & the tape measure...