Sunday, February 8, 2015

Project 365, Week 6

There was a lot to the week but here it is in part, in pictures....

February 1
I signed the girls up for a painting class at school. They reported having lots of fun and came back with beautiful artwork. We're just not sure about Melody's crime scene sled.

Aiden and R were both at separate superbowl parties so it was just us girls and Shaun. Being a predominately Denver Broncos household, we only had a mild interest in the game. But what a game! And I loved the dads-are-important themes of the commercials.

February 2
Snow day!
We watched Groundhog Day and read and danced and drank tea and chilled.

February 3
Normally when we do these sheets I have Aiden dictate his sentence and I write it. This day I told him he was on his own. I was so proud as I watched him form a sentence, all on his own. His sentence? I did not tell my mom that I tooted. Pride goes before the fall, People.
February 4
Big day in the city visiting doctors!

February 5
We got some yarn and a crochet hook and within minutes Avery was following a video, teaching her to crochet. As a non-crafty person, this completely fascinates and impresses me.
February 6
This is the best basketball player ever my husband, playing in a game that I got to see! Although Amanda noted how old he is, he's still got it.
The little guys found friends to make and then play was fun watching them battle it out, Lord of the Flies style...who was going to be the leader and the one making up games and rules.
And Avery was being a cool pre-teen.

February 7
Quiet Saturday morning (and a BFF day playing "Queen and King").
Then the girls had a basketball game, and I got to watch!
And then R had a track meet, and I got to watch! He was thrilled to have placed third in vaulting.


Amy said...

REAL PICTURES! That you took!!!! AT the events! :)

LuAnn said...

Glad you are able to get out and use your camera. Can I say you look GREAT!!!!! Pray the Dr. Appts went well too.

sara said...

I just smiled every time you said "that I got to watch!" Such a praise!!!

Meg A. said...

Yay!!! Pictures of you out in public! So thrilled for you and the kids! P.S. ironically, my favorite picture might be the one from the snow day, of the girls all cozy on the couches with books and laptops!

The Bug said...

Love that you got to participate in your family's life - yay you! And LOL at Aiden - such a boy :)