Sunday, February 1, 2015

Project 365, Week 5

I feel like I say this was an eclectic week here in the C household. But for real. Many crazy things, some of which I'll go into more detail tomorrow.  

I had my last treatment on Monday and it knocked me to my knees. On Tuesday we had a blizzard that left us with two FEET of snow. On Wednesday we made the difficult decision to put a very sick dog down. Two dear friends, both my age, suffered painful lost her mother to a brain tumor, the other received news that her father had had a heart attack. Thankfully he had successful open heart surgery. 

On the other side of our world, Shaun's financial services business is officially official since it finally cleared through all the SEC checks. He's been finding that there truly is the need he recognized and its such a good fit for a tax professional and a financial advisor to be one in the same person....all that information together helps in making the best decisions. Its exciting to see all his labors coming together and I'm so proud of him. cousin Melody was here. She has settled in and taken right over the things that need to be attended to. Before she leaves in a couple weeks I'll have to have her do a guest post...maybe the "tell-all, tabloid version of what really goes on here. :) 

Speaking of Melody, most of these photos are from her, which is a good thing because I was in bed until Thursday.

January 25
We were happy to welcome Melody!

January 26
Amanda loves her daddy.

January 27
Snowman pancakes to celebrate a snow day.
 Aiden and Avery were at Pop and Kiki's....too much snow to go sledding!

Many people were involved in attempting to nurse the dog back to health. Thankfully everyone had a chance to say goodbye.
 The girls got to sleep on the floor of Melody's room.
January 28
Another snow day while everyone dug out.

January 29
Melody is a good student, learning the fine art of lego aircraft building. :)

January 30

Avery called me from school stating that her class was watching a movie (for Catholic Schools Week) and would it be ok if she watched Maleficent. I told her I was pretty sure there was quite a bit of evil and magic in it but that she could try it and if there was something she wasn't comfortable with, her teacher would understand if she left in the middle of the movie.

Shaun and I cannot be with our kids all the time making decisions for them so we are trying to empower them to make the right choices on their own. I could barely stomach watching moving things, but I watched the movie so Avery and I could talk about the good, bad and ugly when she got home from school.

At one point Aiden came in and asked what I was doing. I told him I was watching Maleficent because Avery was watching it at school and I wanted to be able to talk to her about it. He said, Oh, I guess the teachers don't care about guarding their hearts (referring to the verse I often reference Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.)

As it turns out, Avery left about 20 minutes in and was able to watch an alternative choice.
 Apparently there is a science to eating grapefruit and these two have it down.
Madison had her first dance competition of the season and was a standout.
Aiden had his last practice/game and the girls are still getting through their season. So fun they get to play together!
I'm so thankful for dedicated grandparents. Since I can't be there cheering and supporting the kids, its so nice to know someone is.
 And these are just a couple of the random pictures taken yesterday.

Hope you have a great week!


sara said...

so was it Trot you had to put down? I'm sorry, I know the kids will be sad :(

wow. you got a LOT of snow! we are still fairly warm down here but they say it is going to change soon.

So thankful you have some new help!! :)

Meg A. said...

Love all the snow pictures! And the one of Amanda with the griddle is also a fave. SO thankful for Melody! I'm believing this was the last sick week!

The Bug said...

I want a snowman pancake!! Love that bow tie on your little man - so cute.

So sorry about Trot... I thought about him the other day & wondered how he was doing...

LuAnn said...

Oh Lisa I am sorry about Trot. I know that is a difficult thing to do.

So glad you are also done with the chemo treatments. Keep the faith as you always do. You are such an example to us all. Trust is the name of the game for team Lisa.

I am sure Shaun ia excited for the big game

Hugs to you !

Melody said...

So glad I can be here!