Sunday, February 15, 2015

Project 365, Week 7

I'm sitting at my desk, watching beautiful white flakes yet again and trying to comprehend this much snow. Its so pretty coming down, but there is no place for it to go! 

Last night Shaun got home "early" and he felt like it was such a huge break because he didn't need to be back for 16 hours...his biggest break in weeks! We took full advantage, eating dinner together then piling on the couch and watching a family movie. 

I'm so grateful for another week. My heart is so full!

February 8
After church we headed to my brother's house to visit with his family. We missed him, but had a great time seeing everyone else.

 We were notified about 8 PM that there would be no school the next day. The kids immediately headed out and went down a bunch of times on their snow tube. It was crazy cold!
February 9
Avery and Melody have perfected the snow day snowman pancake.
 Later, it was still snowing but my doctor's appointment wasn't cancelled, so we loaded up and took a drive. Everything was so pretty!
 February 10
You already saw my pictures from the 10th, this is what Melody and the girls were doing while I was visiting a college with R....
 ...and while I was at the my MRI.
 February 11
This was a castle with people eating inside.
 It was great to be back at the library with this guy. Our local place has a great story time for 3-5 year olds, complete with stories, songs, a craft and a snack (and parents aren't allowed in the room, so quiet time for mommy ;).

Aiden looked so big compared to the other kids there. As I helped him out of the car, held the hand that reached for mine to walk down the sidewalk and got him safely into the room with the teacher, I thought, a little sadly, that story time at the library that I've been doing for about nine years is quickly coming to an end.
 Later we had a surprise visit from the 16 year-old, who was in the area getting his learner's drive! This make nephew #2 and I just can't believe we got here so quickly. I asked these three to pose in their blue and white sweet.

 More blue and white. :)
February 12
With Melody around, Aiden had someone else to explain his aircraft to. And word has it, she's pretty good at finding pieces. ;)
February 13
Going through the post-school Valentine's party loot.
 Except this owl came from Amanda to Avery.

 My vote for most clever treat.
 Watching Daddy's basketball game...sadly, the last one of the season.
February 14

 We stopped to register for T-ball. Aiden was ecstatic and as we were getting out of the car he was talking about how he was the best hitter....on the t-ball team! The boy does not lack confidence.

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The Bug said...

T-ball will be a hoot - I remember my brother playing (& I'm only 21 months older than he is). He would STRIKE OUT & get all upset. How do you strike out at t-ball? :)