Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project 365, Week 8

Sunday snow seems to be a theme for this month. I cannot overstate the beauty of it coming down in large, gentle flakes and sticking to the trees but sure does cause problems and cost us a lot of money. UNCLE!

February 15
Its been so cold that even the kids are having a hard time being out in it, but that doesn't mean they don't keep trying.

Shaun and I earned a Worse Parents Ever trophy from our kids. Both girls want to have a special part in Passion of the King, but they didn't think it was worth it to overcome their fear and embarrassment and do tryouts. We are not supporters of letting fear dictate our lives, so after much time spent talking it all through, we made them go through with it. It was in a room with about a dozen friends/cousins and a handful of much loved adults...very safe.

They muscled their way through the fear and did a good job and realized it wasn't as bad as they'd imagined.

 We went out after to celebrate conquering fear.
February 16
Colombo had a hockey game in RI so we all met up at the rink and then my kids went home with Uncle Timmy- n- Crew.
 Happy, happy cousins.
February 17
6 AM and ready for surgery. Most doctors and nurses guess we are sisters before we say it. :)
February 18
I was in bed all day, so the girls brought their homework to my room.
February 19
Same thing, different day.
February 20
Amy stopped by bearing meals and good company and also did a quick sweep of my neglected downstairs. I breath easier with a clean kitchen.
February 21
It was Make Your Own Derby Car Day at Awanas. They traced, they sanded, they painted. I believe we have the winning cars...we'll know in a couple weeks! :)

Then we were off to basketball, where the girls lost by just one basket (5-7) in the playoffs...til next year!

I was toast for the day, but these silly girls went outside to romp around in the falling snow after dark.


Meg A. said...

The girls will remember that lesson for a long time, I'm sure. I love the one of all the cousins around the table...priceless! Although I hate that it was pre-surgery, I'm partial to the one of you and Ames, such BEAUTIES!!

Amy said...

You made it through! And from the post, one would hardly know what you went through! xoxo

The Bug said...

So glad to see your smiling face (& yes, you guys could be twins). Hope all is going well & that there is a THAW soon. It's a vain hope, isn't it? That's probably un-Biblical. Maybe I'll just hope we all have the fortitude to make it until spring :)

Ashley Beth said...

Celebratory "conquering fear" dinners are awesome. I'd say you get Best Parent Ever trophies!