Friday, May 22, 2015

Florida-Day 4 & 5

This day was a hang at the house day. We splashed in the pool, played lots of games and did speed-puzzling. I broke out a 500-piece puzzle, thinking we'd pick at it here and there over the next couple days but it drew a crowd and the 'young-uns' had it done in 1.5 hours, finished before the grandparents even arrived for the day! So, being the family that we are, a challenge was born....could the grandparent team complete it in less time? It proved to be quite entertaining/frustrating, depending on who's team you were on. :)

 One-handed push-up competition...Aiden was showing Uncle Nathan how its done.
 ...still buttoning up the puzzle.

Poker after breakfast. That's normal, right?
 I went swimming with Aiden and Amanda and they kept egging me on to jump in. So I did a cannonball, much to their delight.

Our house was just a couple miles from Clearwater Aquarium, which is where Dolphin Tale was filmed and where Winter and Hope live. The grandparents took Aiden and Amanda to go visit. They thought it was pretty awesome.

I let Amanda take my phone to take pictures. These next three photos are a small representation of what got left on my phone.

Back for some pool action...


The Bug said...

Those beach photos are fabulous!

I love working jigsaw puzzles, but I don't really have room for them - and that's not a bad thing because when there's a puzzle in the room I'm immediately immersed in it!

LuAnn said...

Oh what awesome memories you all made. Love the puzzle challenge sounds like something we would do.

Meg A. said...

I love the puzzle challenge! Genius idea! All the beach shots are amazing. Looks like paradise!