Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Florida-Day 1, 2 & 3

Ah...Florida. Its maybe not the most fun thing to look at someone else's vacation pictures, but recently I pulled up my post from our trip last year to prove to Shaun that I did indeed see lions and giraffes at Busch Gardens last year. That's notable, because its the third time I've been right in our now you see why I must post my amazing vacation photos. :)

You already know that the trip was well-timed as far as me being able to go post-radiation. What was also incredibly remarkable was the weather. It was sunny and mid-80's every day we were there. On the morning we were leaving, I stepped outside and felt humidity for the first time of our stay.

In everyday it was a magical time. I was feeling exponentially better with each day and was just so grateful to be among the living and active.

The group who descends on Nana and Grandpa John varies each year...this year, along with our six, it was Shaun's brother Nathan and his wife and Shaun's dad and his wife. Dad stayed at Nana's place and we stayed in a rented house with Nathan and Laryssa (they drew the short straw ;)

One of our favorite parts of the trip is the adventure of the 22 hours drive. I grew up on long road trips and even though I've gypped my kids of the camping experience, I'm glad I get to pass on my love of road trips. Shaun is a champ at driving! On the way down I drove from 6-10 am so he could sleep for a bit, but on the way back he drove the entire way....he's a machine! I read Unbroken out loud to him in the car, which helped pass the time and throughout the week. I'd read it once and knew he would enjoy it.


 This was our lovely house, in a very quiet neighborhood, just a short walk from a private beach area.

 During the days we turned off the A/C and opened doors in the front and back. There was a good-sized kitchen so we were able to do the majority of our meals at home.

 This was my view in the mornings when all was still and quiet.
When we arrived at the house we ate our Chik-fil-A takeout (another highlight of the road-trip portion).
 ...and Shaun threw Amanda right in.
The first thing the girls wanted to do was re-arrange their bedroom so that their twin beds were together. They fight too much during the day but at night you can't keep them apart.
 Cozy fire and a nice big table for meals, games and puzzles!


 Nathan and Laryssa had a celebrity spotting that made for good jokes the rest of the week. Hulk Hogan, in the flesh and that's his house! :)

We were often the only ones on our section of the beach, except for the occasional walker.

Nana was getting over a cold and Dad hadn't arrived yet, so we headed to Universal....we'd heard it was a good place for 5 year-old boys to find Superheros.

 Spiderman: "Oh! You have a "B" on your hat...let me get that off for you!"

 These two chatted for several minutes. When Captain America asked Aiden who his favorite superhero was, Aiden replied, The Hulk.

 I adore this guy.

Uncle Nathan took one for the team and did all the wet rides with Amanda. He also went on the craziest roller coasters with R.

 My favorite part was the dinosaur exhibit because it had a place suitable to sit and get a snooze. :)


The Bug said...

Looks like a great time!!

Meg A. said...

I couldn't wait for you to post FL- love all the photos! The house looks incredible, like the perfect spot for your crew, especially given the pool! Love that last shot of all 4 kids.

Amy said...

The house looks perfect!!! I adore you into your little sundress. Way cool pix of the superheroes. Beach pix are always the bomb! The 'walking on the water' (???) one is cool!