Sunday, May 3, 2015

Project 365, Week 18

Today I am writing from sunny Florida, getting amazing family time and plenty of rest and relaxation. Its kind of wonderful. Really, really wonderful. Much more on that soon. But first, here's our week at home...

April 26
I dropped Amanda off at a pool birthday party. She immediately threw her clothes on the wet floor so I grabbed them and took them home, intending to bring them with me when I went to pick her up. I forgot, so she walked home in her swimsuit, shivering. Mom fail!

Later, I dropped the kids off at Shaun's softball practice...he was prepared with his bucket of wiffle balls.

April 27
I could hear playing and giggles in the monitor so I went upstairs to peek in. There was an impromptu party happening in my bedroom. I wish they argued less and did this more.

Spring is springing and we took a walk to notice and appreciate it all.
April 28
What a treat! Z's grandmother was taking a class at our local hospital and several days before she texted me and asked if we'd like her to bring Z by while she was there. I jumped on it and we had a fun, albeit way too short, time with him. When I gave him a hug it was noticeable how tall he's getting and he's maturing too. But he's still our Z. :)

Soccer practice is so much more fun in the spring. The days are steadily getting longer and warmer instead of shorter and colder.
April 29
I got to take one year pictures of my nephew. Aiden was playing with AJ and he thought Aiden was so cool. It was so sweet to watch them interact with each other.

Avery had a friend from school over, marking our first school-friend play date. It was good to see her interacting with a peer (and a lot of work keeping her siblings away!).
April 30
Some mornings there are tears and whining and forgotten items and frustration. This morning the walk to school was beautiful and peaceful and loving, walking four wide hand-in-hand.

When I went to school pickup, Amanda came running over to me, in tears. Her earring had fallen out and she was worried it would hurt going back in (we've had an ear-piercing saga with her...right Melody? :). I tried to help, but she didn't give me a chance, insisting that only daddy could do it. So...we loaded up and went to the office. When Shaun finished up with his customers, her popped the earring right back in. A man of MANY talents and such a good daddy.
May 1
This was a great sight to see...Shaun in a softball uniform. For many years we spent our summers down at the field, from before we had kids, through all of them being born. Avery and Aiden are both summer babies...Avery was at her first game at 3 days old, Aiden's first was there the day after he was born. Anyway, its been a special thing for us and after a several years break, we are back at it!

When the game was over, we hit the road for Florida, driving through the night and most of the next day.

May 2
We arrived in Florida in time to watch the sun setting over the water.


Amy said...

Best picture is the last. You're beautiful!

sara said...

I agree with Amy! have a wonderful time in florida!!

Meg A. said...

Ditto to Ames! That last picture is my fave!

Ashley Beth said...

Beautiful beach photo! Yay for vacation!

The Bug said...

Oh yay! Love that you're in sunny Florida!

Is it my imagination, or has Amanda grown a foot since the last time I noticed? :)

Oh, and love the Z time...

Melody said...

Ha! Yes to the ear-piercing saga! So funny and sweet that Shaun is the earring hero.

LOVE the pic of you on the beach!