Sunday, May 10, 2015

Project 365, Week 19

We're back home and its SO great to be here!! My heart is so incredibly full, it feels like it could burst...the week away was just perfect. I'm showing restraint in choosing just one picture per day for this post, I'll recap the week in its entirety soon.

May 3
Our first full day in Florida, spent between the pool and the beach.

May 4
Aiden's first sighting of Spiderman at Universal.

May 5
Crabs at sunset.

May 6
Shaun was teaching the kids Texas Hold 'Em.

May 7
A day at our favorite park...Busch Gardens!

May 8
Beach time in the late afternoon.

May 9
Last Florida sunrise for a while.


The Bug said...

What a great week! Love that sunset...

Amy said...

Can't wait for full disclosure. Thankful you had such an incredible week!