Sunday, October 4, 2015

Project 365, Week 40

A week ago I was blogging from a hospital bed. I'm so happy to be back home, sitting at my desk looking out at the morning sun and listening to my kids play in their room. I got to hug everyone this morning and help them get breakfast. I'm on my third load of laundry and later I'll be able to go watch a soccer game. Life is good and life is hard.

September 27
Not happy about waking up in a hospital room, but happy to wake up breathing and happy the sun came up, too.

September 28
A little "behind the scenes" shot of me working. I'm helping with the hiring process and we had a candidate doing a second interview in personal. Since I couldn't be there face-to-face, I joined via video, which was just waist up. :)

September 29
Soon after the kids got home from school, I got to come home from the hospital. It was lovely to be home and to help with homework.

And make the soccer practice run.

September 30
Soccer practice rained out = fun family time

October 1
These two had a short-lived stomach bug so they were home from school. We stayed on different floors of the house most of the day and I lycoled like a mad woman. Later, Avery would mourn that the day was over, recognizing it as a special time she and Aiden had together.

Amanda was happy to be the queen of the downstairs. Her daddy took her shopping to buy some needed sports equipment and she and I made cookies and brought them to the neighbors, something that's been on her heart to do for many days.

October 2
This is the only picture I have from the day, which is unfortunate because I actually got dressed and helped interview a couple people. My nurse came at 7 pm (after giving me a 4-5 range) to change my port access and this is a picture of the setup we have for Shaun to administer some of my antibiotics. Its about a 20 minute process once a day and it allows me to not be in the hospital. I'm embarrassed to admit how exhausted I was from the day and had no trouble sleeping for 10 hours.

October 3
Aiden has quickly caught on to the joy of slow weekend mornings.

Avery played in a soccer game that was cold! 47 degrees at game time with some wind so we dug out the winter gear. :(

More Star Wars Monopoly. It seems to work really well for our crew and we've been surprised how much there is to learn from it (don't tell the kids! :)


Amy said...

I'm glad you're home too! I'm glad everyone's on board with Shaun administering meds so you can be home with the fam. Sounds like a very productive week, all things considered.

The Bug said...

I started to ask questions about how long you have to do the antibiotics, etc., but I'm sure we'll hear about that on your OTHER post.

So glad you got to go watch some soccer - even if it was cold. We were cold & miserable on Saturday, but yesterday was gorgeous!