Sunday, October 11, 2015

Project 365, Week 41

It was a mixed bag this week, as our lives are apt to be. I'm learning to be thankful in all things. Still working on being thankful in sickness but those times make me absolutely delight in "normal life". It is all grace.

October 4
Shaun spent the afternoon at rehearsal (there's a really exciting, brand new show called Mystery coming next month!!) so the kids and I got some work done and then went out to enjoy the day. Who needs a jungle gym when you have Uncle Nathan??

October 5
This is where I was for 36 hours. Avery got a picture of Shaun administering my antibiotics. He is an ever-faithful hunk of a male nurse. :)

October 6
It was a lovely day to be outside so Amanda set up her homework station in Aiden's tent. He got his gear on and snuck up and scared them, as only a little brother can do.

October 7
Hulk was having a bit of an attitude, but he's still so cute.

During soccer practice, the girls scrimmaged each other.

October 8
The kids had a half day so after homework, we went on a little adventure. New England shows off in the fall.

October 9
New York City at sunrise.

Shaun was the lone chaperone for this crew, a surprise TobyMac concert! Our three littles, along with three cousin littles (Nathanael was the birthday boy) and Z! They are big, huge fans and had so much fun!

October 10
Our day, in a nutshell.

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The Bug said...

What fun for the kids to go to the concert! Love that fall drive picture - gorgeous!