Sunday, October 25, 2015

Project 365, Week 43

October 18
I sat in the car on a cold day watching back-to-back soccer games. During a break between, Shaun and the kids played boys against girls. He'd worked hard that day and had a lot on his mind, but somehow he always makes time for them, for us.

October 19
Aiden was compelled to get out and work after school. He wasn't asked and he didn't expect anything in return, its just what he does. I tell him I like a man who is a hard worker. Also, I could just eat him up with his shorts on backwards and his shoes on the wrong feet. :)

October 20
Speaking of wardrobe issues, last year these PJ's fit just fine.

October 21
Continuing with the wardrobe was school picture day so that meant dress down day, which is always very exciting. They were proud to have coordinated their outfits...the sibling picture should be interesting....the photographer was probably like what? ;)

Back to work.

I had the privilege of doing pictures for this senior, Jared my oldest nephew. In his earlier years we were neighbors and he and Shaun and I logged many hours together and formed a very special relationship. He made me laugh when he was two and now at almost seventeen he still makes me laugh. He is so gifted...I can't wait to see what God has for him!

These cousins had a blast playing together but in this picture they look like they're in a western movie, headed to a shoot out.

October 22
I feel a little rusty, but its been nice to have my camera out a bit....I miss creating beautiful things for people. With a crew this young there is a very short timeline, but we got it done. This is my newest niece, three months.

The kids had a half day and it was warm so we went to visit cousins. Amy and I had a few hours to sit outside and talk. We thought we'd also be supervising kids, but they were pretty much on their own, happy to be together for the first time in a long time. So good!

October 23
This is my view in the mornings, when the sun comes up and kisses the trees. Takes my breath away every time.

October 24
Chilly start to soccer!


Melody said...

One of the reasons I love Sundays is your weekly roundup! It always makes me happy!
The pic of the tree receiving the sunshine is stunning. Love you!

The Bug said...

Great pictures this week! Love the family shots - and that last picture with the little one in her headband is TOO CUTE!