Sunday, October 18, 2015

Project 365, Week 42

I realized I have quite a few sunrise/sunset photos this week. They never fail to take my breath away. I love the humble reminder of how big God is and how great his love is for us. As sure as the sun rises each day, his mercies are new every morning.

October 11
Avery and I started day two of the soccer tournament bright and early...7 AM and chilly. And oh so breathtaking.

October 12
Our annual Columbus Day trip to the orchard. The kids were more excited about it than ever this year.

October 13
In the 25 years we've been together, one of my favorite things has been to pull up a seat (most commonly a 5-gallon bucket) next to where Shaun is working to keep him company while he works (most commonly car repair or taping). Its where some of our best conversations have happened.

October 14
We had an impromptu gathering of the cousins, just missing the two big boys. This was my favorite outtake from the 30 seconds we had to work with. :)

Aiden was playing on the playscape and I was reading in the car while the girls were at soccer practice. Aiden came running over, insistent that I had to get out and see this sight, a gorgeous sunset.

October 15
We saw the sunrise and the sunset over New York City, which means I was able to get treatment...and we were there a long time :)!

October 16
I took a nice long nap so I was up for a movie and snuggles when the kids got home from school. So blessed!

October 17
After soccer, Aiden and Pop went fishing, something they've been talking about for a while. Brrr!

I was feeling up for driving the girls 10 minutes down the road to their soccer game and I got the perfect spot to watch from my cozy car. So grateful for gifts like this.


Amy said...

A good week! For lots of reasons. Hey, I love the updated pictures to the right of the blog. Those are very nice!

The Bug said...

Such a lovely (if chilly) time of year - & you live in a beautiful area. I like the sidebar pictures too - & you redid the header! Looks great! (You probably did it weeks ago & I never noticed - ha!).

Meg A. said...

Love the annual Columbus Day fun! And that cousin pic is too sweet. Can we go back to the old pic of Aiden on the side-bar? He looks WAY TOO OLD in this one!!!! Blowing my mind!